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Anupama upcoming twists – Baa does Anupama’s aarti and welcome home NOT Kavya

Anupama latest news – Baa and Bapuji welcome Anupama home

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupama serial on Star Plus. It would be seen that Baa slams Kavya for decorating her car with “Just Married” tag. She says they are already embarrassed with their marriage. Vanraj also says that it is not their first marriage. They all head back home in Ahmedabad.

Everyone reaches home. Anupama bids emotional good bye to everyone. She asks Kinjal to take care of the family. She asks Kavya to give love to the family and she will get in return. She asks Vanraj to give Kavya, the respect she deserves as his wife. Anupama takes Baa and Bapuji’s blessings and asks them to come and meet her whenever they wish.

Bapuji stops her and gives Dolly, Vanraj and Anupamaa legal papers. He tells everyone that he has divided his property in three parts, one for Vanraj, second for Dolly and third for Anupamaa. Kavya is shocked.

Now, in the coming episode, we will see that Kavya gets happy to see Baa with aarti ki thaali. She says thankfully someone remembered to welcome their new bahu. Baa says that Anupama has the rights for first aarti. Kavya questions that she is the bahu of this house. Bapuji replies that Anupamaa is the Laxmi, Annapurna and Saraswati of this house and bring her forward to do her aarti. Anupamaa is surprised and overwhelmed and Bapuji brings her inside the house.

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