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Anupama upcoming twists – Baa humiliates Anuj, asks him to leave Navratri function

Anupamaa latest news – Anupama stops Anuj from leaving, asks him to dance

In the coming episode of Anupama, we will see that Anuj comes for Navratri function to help Samar from Rohan’s threat. He gets to know that Anupama didn’t read his message and decides to leave as Anupamaa’s family might have problem. Anupama says she won’t let him leave like that on auspicious day.

Baa sees them making an entry together at the venue and gets much upset. Rohan tries to hurt Anupama by hitting her with a big rod, Anuj stops him in time.

He confronts Rohan. Rohan warns to reveal his and Nandini’s picture in front of all. Anuja says he can do what he wants but he will destroy him too. He warns to expose Rohan father’s scam and send them to jail. Rohan leaves.

Anupama gives water to Baa. Baa asks her to give some poison with it. She gets upset with her entering with Anuj in front of all. She orders her to asks him to leave else she will have to.

Now, in the upcoming episode, we will see that Baa insults Anuj. She says this is their society function and others will mind seeing outsiders come here. She suggests him to leave. GKand Anuj will the function. Devika gets upset with Anupama. She tells him he has always fought for your respect, saved your life and you could save his respect?

Anupama rushes to stop Anuj. She stands in front of their car. She tells him you have always been a friend to me, let me be your friend today. She asks him to play Dandiya with her. Anuj is surprised.

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