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Anupama upcoming twists – Bapuji makes a BIG decision on property division

Anupama latest news – Shah family comes back to Ahmedabad

In the current episode of Star Plus popular show Anupamaa, we see that Shah family treats Anupama with her favourite food and celebrate together. At the same time, Kavya plans a romantic dinner for Vanraj but its gets ruined as Vanraj gets distracted with Shah family celebrations. Vanraj joins them to taste Pakhi’s food which makes for the first time. Kavya fumes in anger.

Later we see that Anupama recovers from her surgery and Shah family decides to leave for Ahmedabad. Advait bids a good bye to everyone. Anupama thanks him for his support and being a good friend. Kavya and Vanraj also leave for Ahmedabad. Kavya decorates her car with “Just Married” board and flowers and is much excited to go back home as Vanraj’s wife. However, Vanraj is embarrassed with her surprise in front of his family.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Anupama looks forward to her new journey post divorce and surgery. They all reach home. Bapuji gives a big shock to Vanraj. He hands over property papers to Vanraj and declares that he has made three divisions of his property; one for Vanraj, second for Dolly and third for Anupama. Kavya is upset while Anupama is overwhelmed with Bapuji’s decision.

It will be now interesting to see if Bapuji and the entire Shah family moves in with Anupama or not.

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