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Anupamaa 01st September 2021 Episode Written Update – Kinjal saves Shah family, gets Anupama ready for the reunion party

Star Plus Anupamaa 01st September 2021 Written Episode, Anupama Written Update

Today’s Anupamaa (Anupama) episode starts with Anupama tells Nandini that Samar is shaken after hearing about her ex-lover. She asks her to give him some time. She tells her to meet her ex and confront him for coming back. She asks her to make it clear to him that he could leave from her life without her permission but she cannot come back into her life again without her permission. She assures to support her in everyway.

Devika sends a message to Anu that she has a good news and will come to meet her in the evening.

Rakhi wonders how did Shah family arrange to pay off her Rs. 20 lakhs loan. She asks her manager to deposit the cheque and tells the lawyer to be ready to destroy the Shah family if the cheque is not honored.

Vanraj and Kavya tells Baa and Bapuji that the deal did not happen with Anu Kapadia and they did not even meet him. Bapuji says lets sell the factory in anyways even if the deal didn’t happen as we have prepared our minds for it. Anupamaa come back home and hears this. Kavya blames her for her evil eyes on the deal that it did not happen. Bapuji asks her not to blame Anupama as he can only pray for well being of the family. Vanraj asks Kavya to shut up and not blame Anu. He reminds her of her over excitement and giving Rs. 20 lakhs cheque to Rakhi. Kavya worries. She asks Anupama to go and get the cheque back from Rakhi. She says just like you begged for the money from Rakhi, please get the cheque back too. Anupama tells her that she has told her earlier that she refuses to be a door mat in the name of her goodness. She says he had done a mistake and went to Rakhi for help. She tells her you had the courage to write the cheque for Rakhi, now you should have the courage to rectify your mistake and go and get the cheque from Rakhi.

Kinjal comes and shows the cheque to Kavya. Anupamaa asks her if Rakhi has put any condition on her to shift to pent house. Kinjal tells everyone how she went to Rakhi’s office and diverted her attention saying that she has lost her purse and needs to give money to the auto driver. Rakhi gets up to give her money while Kinjal takes the cheque from her desk and leaves. Baa asks if Rakhi was not angry on her. Kinjal says she has sent a sorry message to her mom. Anupama asks if there is no other problem. Kinjal says that Rakhi has given them a month’s time to give her money back. She says sorry. Vanraj says she did the right thing and they still have one month’s time to figure out something. Vanraj thinks to put the factory on sale in property market.

Devika comes home. Vanraj is not happy to see her. She meets everyone while gives a stare to Vanraj. She tells Anu is she looking so better now that she has detoxified her life. Vanraj gets upset. She tells her to get ready soon as she is taking her out. Anu asks where. She tells her about their college reunion. Vanraj taunts Devika of always coming and taking Anupama out. Devika gives it back to him why does he have a problem now and asks Kavya to question him. Kavya gets angry and asks him why is he having a problem. Vanraj says he has no issues if Anupama goes out with anyone. Devika says good, remember this next time. Anupama refuses to go. Baa also says there are so many problems in the house, she should not go. Bapuji tells Baa I wanted to take you out for having Kulfi but now lets ditch the plan as we have so many issues in the house. Baa says we cannot sit with the problems all the time. Bapuji makes her understand that even Anu can go then..

Kinjal tells Anupama that she will make her ready for the party. Pakhi comes and choses a saree for Anupama. Kinjal does Anu’s make up and tells her to enjoy the party and make friends, may be she finds a friend whom she could complete her life.

Anupama comes down dressed beautifully. Everyone is surprised.


Anupama reaches the party. She bumps into Anuj Kapadia. He reminds her who he is and shakes hands with her as he introduces himself as her college classmate. Vanraj and Kavya reach there and see Anuj kapadia with Anupama. Vanraj recollects how Devika had told his kids in the past that Anuj hd fallen for Anupama after seeing her dance. He gets insecure.


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