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Anupamaa 04th December 2021 Episode Written Update – Kavya blames Anupama for her divorce

Star Plus serial Anupamaa 04th December 2021 Written Episode, Anupama Written Update

Today’s Anupamaa serial starts with Vanraj thinks to go check on Kavya and Anupama. Anupama comes out just then. He asks what happened. She says everything is ok. She tries to make things better and puts Baa’s favourite song and asks everyone to dance. She calls Anuj to dance too. He joins her in her efforts to cheer everyone up.

Kavya comes out and stops the music again. She goes to Baa and Bapuji and says she has got a gift for them on their 50th wedding anniversary. She says she has given back the house in their name and gives them the papers. She tells Anupama made her realize her mistakes and says sorry to them for snatching their house. She asks Vanraj not to be angry with her anymore as she has corrected her mistake. She says she is ready to say sorry to Dolly and the kids for hurting them and apologizes to them. She asks him to smile now. He pretends to smile in front of her. He hides the divorce papers from her.

Later, Anuj meets Anupama and asks her what did she says that Kavya corrected her mistakes. Anupama says she is just happy that Baa and Bapuji have got their house back. He says yes, it good now you can focus on us. She says what? He says nothing I mean on yourself. She adds earlier she had to think before coming to the house as it was so awkward, but not now anymore. Anuj happens to hurt himself with his glasses in the eyes. She uses her saree palloo to warm it with her mouth and apply the warm palloo on his eyes. He feels good with her gesture and is lost in her. Baa and Bapuji call Anupama.

They thank Anupama and Vanraj for adding colours to their black and white marriage. Baa says she is more happier today than the first time she got married. Kavya says yes, now that you have your house back too. Bapuji says it a family makes it home. She says but security is also important. Vanraj says you are right, you took away the house for financial security and gave it back for emotional security. He says you gifted the house back to my parents, so I have a gift for you too. She says I love gifts and gets much excited. She opens the papers and gets shocked to see divorce papers. Everyone is shocked.

Kavya asks how can you divorce me. He says I was waiting for Baa and Bapuji to get married again and me to get divorced again. She asks how can you decide alone. He says just like you forced me to marry you, I just got out of divorce and you were getting ready with marriage preparations. He says marriage was your decision but divorce will be mine. He says whatever money we have left in our bank accounts, you can have it and keep the cafe and the car with you too, but just divorce me and finish it. Kaya refuses to divorce him and says how can he do this to her, as they love each other. She looks at Anu angrily and blames her for instigating Vanraj. She says she got the permission to come home and she started her plans to instigate you to divorce me. She goes angrily to Anupama and holds her and yells at her. Anuj asks her stay away from Anupama and stop. Kavya does not listen and continues to blame Anupama. Anu asks her to leave her as she cannot say anything between Vanraj and her personal matter. Kavya continues to hold her and yells at her. Vanraj pulls her back and says you cannot blame anyone nor will anyone come in between. He says this divorce will happen now. Kavya continues to blame Anupama.

Anupam gives her a reality check that you can blame everyone else as much but it is you bad deeds that your have reached this point of divorce. Kavya asks her to shut up and warns to slap her. Anuj warns her to do it and show. Kavya says what will you do. Anuj says you do it and I will make sure rest of your life is ruined. I never thought of saying this to a woman, but you have pushed me to cross my limits. Vanraj says he is right, you will never learn. He asks her to sign the papers and finish this at once. Kavya tears the papers. Vanraj smiles and gets another copies. He says you can tear down as much papers, I have as many copies, but this divorce will happen today.


Kavya pleads Vanraj not to divorce her. Dolly asks Anupama to talk to Vanraj once. Kavya goes down on her feet and begs Vanraj not to divorce her. She promises to change herself and do everything like he says. Anupama sees it and feels bad. Vanraj does not listen and walks away from Kavya.


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