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Anupamaa 09th December 2021 Episode Written Update – Anupama tells Vanraj how Anuj is very important for her

Star Plus Anupamaa 09th December 2021 Written Update

Today’s Anupamaa episode starts with Anuj tell a poem and says I love you to Anupama. He tells her that he knows that she knows that he loves her but he had to still tell her personally for his sake. He says he never had any expectations from you earlier and now, but he had to tell her. Today when he faced death, he realized that he had to tells her that he loves her. He goes back into his car.

Anupamaa thinks that ever since Bapuji has asked her to think about Anuj, she too has felt something. She calls Anuj. He stops and looks back at her happily. She is about to confess her feelings too but some goons come with sticks to rob them.

Anuj tells the goons to take whatever they want but not to hurt her. They take his magnets (which belonged to Anupama and he had kept with him since college days). He asks them not to take it as it won’t fetch them any money. A goon says it seems it holds some emotional value to you. Anupamaa asks him to let it go. Anuj says to take all his money and credit card but give it back to him. Anupamaa is shocked to see his attachment for the magnet. A goons forces Anu to take out her gold jewellery. He hurts Anu. Anuj loose shit cools and fights back. He beats up the goon badly for hurting Anu. Anupamaa tries to stop Anuj. A goon hits his hard on his head. Anuj falls on the ground. The goons tun away.

Anupama worries for Anuj and tells him she is there with him and nothing will happen. She rushes him into his car and drives to the hospital She calls for doctors to attend him and says Anuj, Anupama is with Anuj as they take to give him medical aid.

Anupama finds her phone missing and uses hospital landline to inform Gk. She is unbale to reach GK, Samar and knows that Kinjal is busy with work while Toshu will not come for Anuj. She calls Vanraj and cries badly. He worries and asks what happened. She cries badly and tells him Anuj is in hospital and his life is in danger. He assures to come to the hospital soon. She rushes back to Anuj. She recollects all her good memories with Anuj. Vanraj reaches hospital. The doctor comes and tells them that Anuj should come to consciousness in 24 hours or he could clip into coma. Anupama is tensed for Anuj.


Anupama confesses her feeling to Vanraj. She tells him how could Anuj feelings for her did not change for last 26 years and how today he is very very important to her in her life. The doctors asks Anupama to sign the papers for Anuj’s operation. Anupama is much worried for Anuj. Vanraj sees her love for Anuj.


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