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Anupamaa 10 March 2021 Written Update: Baa and Vanraj against Samar-Nandini relationship

Star Plus Anupamaa 10 March 2021 Written Episode, Anupama Written Episode

Today’s Anupamaa episode starts with Nandini tells Samar that she cannot come to his house to meet Kavya as his family thinks that she and Kavya are root cause of all their problems. Samar tells her that he doe snot know about Kavya, but she cannot blame herself for any problems. He says that he does not care what Mr. Shah thinks and asks her to trust in him as he will always be with her.

Kavya and Vanraj leave for police station to lodge a complaint against Kavya’s stalker. Samar asks Kavya to stay at Nandini’s pace after she come back. Vanraj gets angry and says that he will not go to meet Kavya at Nandini’s place. Baa gets to know of Samar and Nandini’s affair. She taunts that both aunt and her niece are trying to become the bahu of this house. Anupama tries to explain her but baa tells her not to lecture her. She clearly tells Kavya that she will never accept Nandini as her bahu. Kavya tells her that she does not have any issues with Samar and Nandini’s relationship. She says that she is surprised to know about them but she is happy for them. She tells Vanraj that if we do not understand their love, the who else will. Baa tells Baa tells that Nandini’s parents are divorced and she cannot accept her. Kavya tells Baa that Nandini’s father left her after her birth. Baa blames that Nandini of not knowing about her father. Anupama says why to blame Nandini for her parent’s divorce. Baa asks Anupama not to lecture her about divorce. She tells Anu how divorce ruins family and that why she is still against Vanraj and her divorce. Kavya is shocked. Anu asks them to go to police station and they can talk later.

Vanraj and Kavya see Nandini at the gate. Vanraj is upset while Nandini is scared looking at him. Kavya hugs Nandini. She tells Kavya to come to her place after police station, Vanraj tells her that Kavya will stay with him at his place. He taunts her that she keeps going here and there entire day, how will she take care of Nandini. He leaves. Kavya assures to support Nandini and Samar. She asks her not to worry as Anupama is with her too. Nandini also says that when Anu is there, there will be no problems.

Nandini is about to leave. Samar showers flower petals on her from the window. He assures her no to worry. She gets happy.

Kavya fights with Vanraj for not telling her about Baa being against his divorce. He tells her how he is midst of lot of things and can’t tell her everything. Kavya thinks that she has to do something about Baa being against her and Vanraj.

Pakhi makes a video call to talk to Anu and family. Just then Kavya comes. Samar pushes her away so Pakhi doe snot see her. Vanraj see this and gets upset


Vanraj asks Samar how dare her. They get into a big argument. Samar and Kinjal warn Anupama that she may believe in Kavya now, but someday Kavya will show her true colours. Baa sees Vanraj and Kavya together and slams them for crossing limits. She warn  them to stay in limits else find another place to stay. Vanraj decides to leave the house, kavya is adamant not to leave Shah house.


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