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Anupamaa 10th June 2021 Written Update – Shah family celebrations ruins Kavya’s romantic surprise for Vanraj

Star Plus show Anupamaa 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Anupama Written Update

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupamaa. Kinjal says she is making Anupama’s favourite raw mango chutney. Dolly says I will make Theplas. Pakhi decides to make sweet. Toshu makes fun of her cooking. Kavya overhears them and shows off her special dinner for Vanraj. She asks them to join if they want. They ignore her.

Shah family surprises Anu with their special treat for her. Pakhi makes Anupama eat her sweet dish. Samar makes fun of her. Anu praises the dish to be better than what she makes. Bapuji gives her shagun money for cooking for the first time. Pakhi gets happy as others also gift her. Anu says I have nothing to give. Pakhi asks her to promise her that she would never leave them.

Kavya blind folds Vanraj and gets him into the room. He bumps into a table and gets angry. She say that she has planned this romantic surprise for them and he is yelling at her. He feels bad and says sorry. She gets closer to him and asks him to start fresh. She says sorry for her bad behaviour with the family. Their romantic moments gets ruined again as Shah family puts loud music and dances together. Vanraj goes to see them. Kavya gets jealous.

Pakhi tells Vanraj she has cooked for the first time and ask him to join them. Vanraj decide to go, Kavya stops him from going and says she has also cooked for the first time for him after marriage. He says he will taste and come back but she gets adamant. He pushes her away and leaves. She gets hurt on the head after being pushed to the wall. She looks at him being happy with his family.

Days pass by as Anupama recovers while Kavya and Vanraj continue to argue and fight. Anu’s reports come normal and she recovers fully. Shah family gets ready to go back to Ahmedabad. They thank Advait with a family picture and a gift. Anupama thanks him for all his support. Advait says he too has learned so much from the family and will miss them.

Anupama and family get ready to go in the cars. They find a car with just married on it. Kavya gets excited seeing it while Vanraj gets embarrassed. Kavya says she is going to her house for the first time after being married, she had to make it special.


Bapuji leaves everyone surprised as they reach home. He hands over papers to Vanraj and says that he has done division of his house into three parts, one for Vanraj, second for Dolly and third for Anupama. Kavya is shocked. Anupama is overwhelmed too.


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