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Anupamaa 12th October 2021 Episode Written Update – Anupama decides not to work with Anuj, Nandini decides to leave Samar

Star Plus serial Anupamaa 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Anupama Written Update

Today’s Anupamaa episode starts with Vanraj tells Kavya that Anuj has given you this job as she wats to always insult me. Kavya says do you really think Anuj has so much time to think about you and why would he have to spend so much money to humiliate you. How can you even compare yourself with him. He only needs to pass by you to prove his worth. Vanraj yells at Kavya and throws the glass vase. He gets hurt.

Baa asks Kavya to stop yelling and attend to Vanraj’s injury. Vanraj refuses to take Kavya’s help. Anupamaa holds his hands and outs it in a glass jar of water. Vanraj tells them both to go away and he does not need both of them. He blames them for always putting him down. Kavya asks him to let her do first aid to his injury and then he can be away from them if he wants. He refuses. Kavya says fine and asks Anu to help him with his injury. Vanraj pushes Anupama too.

Pakhi sees this. She turns around angrily to go back and falls down the stair. Anupama shouts for Pakhi, Vanraj rushes to attend to her. They make her sit. Anu says she is glad that Pakhi didn’t get hurt. Pakhi says not physically but you have hurt me so much. She is fed of the fights in the house. Everyone fights Kinjal-Toshu, Samar-Nandini, Kavya-Vanraj but what hurts her the most is when her parents fight. She tells Anu that when her best friend scores better than her, she feels bad when she is not supposed to, but that is the case with Vanraj too, and she should try to understand him. She turns to Vanraj and says you are my here, you keep a check on the TV channels I watch and the friends I have, so I do not learn bad things. She says but I do not need to learn from elsewhere as there is enough in this house. She tells him that her mom is the nicest person and she has never interfered in his life all this years and he has always been ahead of her, then why is he interesting in her life now and upset with her success. Vanraj is speechless.

Pakhi asks Baa that you asks me to ignore fights between my friends, then why can’t you do the same and not react when fights happens so things don’t get worse. She asks Kavya why do you have to be always angry too. Kavya says at times situations are like that. Pakhi says we can’t control the situation but we can control our reaction it. She says she is tried of all these fights. If a couple fights, they get divorced, can the kids also get divorced when then their parents fights. She breaks down and says she feels to get divorced from the family. Anu and Vanraj says sorry to her. Anu says things are complicated now and will take time to be better but she promises to try to avoid fights. Vanraj also says he will not promise but fight.

Kavya says one person finishes drama, other starts. She says she is happy that she will out of this house for ten hours to be away from this drama. Pakhi cheers up and says lets take a selfie (with Anu and Vanraj), this will always remind you of your promise to make things better. Kavya feels weird. Anuj sees the picture on his social media and recollects Pakhi’s words that she likes him but she cannot see her family break. He smiles.

Vanraj comes and sits next to Anupama. He says he does not know who is wrong and right but he knows things have gone too far. Anu says the biggest hurt for any parents would be to see their kids hurt with their behaviour. She says its not that I understand you, we have spent 25 years together, I know what you say and what you do not. But, it can’t be just me, you also have to understand me. They decide not to make things bad anymore. She calls him Sweety Ke Papa. He is surprised. She says you remember how Pakhi and Samar used to be upset that I call you Toshu ke papa. She says we are not husband and wife anymore, but we their parents too.

Bapuji also makes Baa understand that they have to make things better.

Anupama says me or Kavya, we are not your enemies. If your are in difficulty, my kids will be hurt and you know I can never hurt my kids. We are staying together for the sake of the kids and the family, but if we keep fighting everyday, then what is the use. You gets angry easily but why are you ruining your work in anger. You have put so much efforts for the cafe after such a big break. You know how much it is important for you, yet you fight with the chef and the customers.

If Kavya has joined Anuj’s company, then what is wrong, she is so talented and has been sitting idle at home. And it better for her to work with a person like Anuj, than with Dholakia. She says you do not know Anuj, but you know me, then why are you upset taht I am working with him. She says it should not even matter to you. I have moved on and you should also not keep any expectations from this broken relationship.

She says Toshu is already staying away from them after being fed up of the fights, and now Pakhi is hurt with these fights. She says it should not happen that one by one our family members go away from us. Let us put an end to our fights for the sake of the family. She says please, Sweety Ke Papa. She says from now, you try not to be angry and I will try not to back answer as my family’s happiness matters to me the most.

She says one more thing, I am moving on to move ahead and not to go back. She says I do not want to win or lose against you. We are like the tracks of a train. We can walk together but with the distance. She says if the distance gets closer or fare, then the family will suffer.

Vanraj comes back to the room. Kavya is sleeping. He sees her. Anu comes to Pakhi’s room and kisses her as she sleeps. She says sorry to her and will never do anything to hurt her ever again.

Anupama comes to office next day. Anuj sees tears in her eyes and asks her what happened. She says sorry, i got emotional as something happened last night. He says is it to do with Pakhi, he had seen Pakhi’s social medias post. Anupama says I want to go ahead in life but not at the cost of her children’s happiness. She says I am sorry I cannot work with you anymore.


Anu and Vanraj try to cheer up Pakhi. Nandini packs her bags to leave for US. Anu stops her and asks what happened. Nandini says if she does not go to US then Rohan will kill Samar.


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