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Anupamaa 14th March 2022 Update – Vanraj slaps Toshu for calling his unborn child bad omen

Anupamaa latest news – Baa blames Anuj and Anupama

In the coming episodes of Anupamaa, we will see that Anuj and Vanraj have a huge fight. Vanraj blames Anuj of using his contacts to get the contract. He questions him how else would he have got the contract? on the basis of his looks? Anuj gives befitting reply that it is on the basis of trust which he can never have. Vanraj fumes in anger. He blames Anuj that he got the results of the contract preponed so he could ruin his Shivratri puja. Their argument gets ugly. Anupama tells Vanraj that Anuj didn’t know that he has applied for the same contract.

Baa blames Anuj. Anupama stands for Anuj and tells that her Anuj has go the contract on the basis of his talent. Baa humiliates Anuj and ask him to leave. Anuj hints Anupama not to react and says GK has thought him to take elder’s anger as blessings. Baa remains upset while Anuj leaves. He asks Kinjal to take care.

Toshu claps hands and blames Anupama for ruining his career. Samar stands for Anu and asks him to stop blaming Anupama for his shortcomings always. He reminds him how Anu has supported him. Toshu says she has merely fulfilled her responsibilities. he blames her of thinking about her Anuj and not her own son. He says how his father was happy when he was born and how he is not happy for being a father as his child is unlucky. Samar gets angry and says he has crossed limits of stupidity. Anupama gets angry om him. Toshu argues how he has not much money and cannot take the expenses of the new baby. Anupama says you need love and good intent to raise a child and not money. He continues to says how his unborn child is a burden only and call his bad omen. Kinjal is heartbroken. Vanraj slaps Toshu. Toshu says he can say anything to his child. Vanraj says so can he tells his son too and dares him not to speak ill about his grand son.

Samar comforts Kinjal and tells Toshu how he will take care of his child as a chacha and do everything for his nephew’s happiness. Anupama feels proud. She tells Toshu how his father is shamed today with his words. She says if you cannot take responsibility of your child. me and Kinjal will do it but do not speak ill in front of Kinjal and your child can hear this. Do not make him an escapist like you already. Toshu leaves.

Baa once again blame Anupama and ‘her’ Anuj for ruining Vanraj’s puja, his career and all the drama. Anupama replies back strongly and reminds her Anuj has saved this house, her son’s life and had given jobs to her jobless son and daughter in law. Baa remains upset. Anupam tells how mothers have to pint of mistakes of their sons and not give all the righteousness lessons to daughter and their daughter in laws. She tells her if Toshu repeats the mistakes again, then she will slap him hard just like his father did.

Vanraj apologises to Kinjal on behalf of Toshu and says what his son did cannot be justifies at any cost. Samar also comforts. Vanraj makes her drink juice and asks her to take care. Anupama sees it and feels better.


Anuj and Anupama have food together outside of a garden bench. A Eunuch comes and blesses them. Anuj wishes to marry Anupamaa sooner.



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