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Anupamaa 16 September 2021 Episode Written Update – Anupama faces opposition from Vanraj, Toshu and Baa for Anuj’s offer

Star Plus Anupamaa 16 September 2021 Written Episode, Anupama Written Update

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa. Baa asks Anupama why does Anuj and his kaka find reasons to always come to our house. Bapuji objects her. She says I am just asking straight forward question. Toshu supports Baa and says we are not creating drama by shouting. He questions what are Anuj’s intentions to come again and again.

Samar reminds Toshu that Anuj had saved him from an accident by risking his own life.  Toshu says so what if he has saved Anuj’s life, why does he have to get involved with our family. Bapuji says yes Anuj has put a camera in our house and he knows when did I go to Jalebi shop and he met me over there purposely.

Anupama asks Vanraj for 9 years you got Kavya as your friend into this house< i have never questioned you, you have celebrated her birthday, I have made lunch for her, but I have never questioned you, yet you have betrayed me. Vanraj says I know what people can turn these friendship into. Anupama is shocked with his manipulation and slams him.

She says you have a problem as Anuj chose your idea over mine. She says he did it as it was a good idea and what if he did it as a friend. You have done so much favours for Kavya in her career and covered up her mistakes. Baa says I do not know anything, you cannot work with a stranger person and you have reject this partnership offer. She says we will sell the factory and work out things for our family. Vanraj tells Anupama that he will sell off the factory and he can given her some money so she can continue to dance with the gifted ghungroos. He demands her to say no to Anuj. Anupama gets much offended.

Anupama reminds Vanraj that she is not his wife anymore. Baa says but I am still your mother and I am asking you not to accept this offer. Anupama remains speechless.

Anupama dances as she is in a dilemma. She remembers Anuj’s offers and Baa, Vanraj and Toshu’s hurtful words. Kinjal and Samar tells Bapuji that Anupama is getting such a good offer and she cannot reject it. Kinjal asks Bapuji to talk to Anu. Bapuji says sometime a family member cannot help but a friend can.

Kaka wonders what would be Anupama’s decision. Anuj says he has another offer for Anu after she accepts this one. Anuj thinks of Anupama wearing his gifted ghumgoors. Kaka gets happy for him and asks him to express his love. Anuj says then I was wrong not to express my love and now I would be wrong again If I expressed my love as Anupama has her own life and family.

Devika meets Anupama. Anupama tells her she does not want to talk about anything now. She blames her for starting this Anuj’s topic and now it turning out to be such a difficult situation for her. Devika asks her to stop being a victim when she has got such a big opportunity. She calls out her family for their selfishness. She tells her how her own son Toshu has abandoned them for sake of one extra room and is staying with his mother in law, how her husband has betrayed her and Baa has always taunted her. Anu asks her not to instigate her against the family. Devika says I am telling your the truth and you can hit me with your shoes but I will not go until you take right decision.

Toshu comes to meet Vanraj and shares his doubts about Anuj’s intentions. He expresses how he cannot tolerate him with his mom. Vanraj brainwashes’ him further and asks him to speak to his mom as she would blame Kavya and him to be jealous of her. Toshu assures to talk to Anu and stop her form accpeting Anuj’s offer.



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