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Anupamaa 16th August 2022 Episode Update – Barkha accuses Vanraj and Anupama

Anupamaa latest news – Anuj regains consciousness

In today’s episode of Star Plus show Anupamaa (Anupama), we will see that Kavya asks Anupama what did Vanraj tell her about Anuj and him falling down the clip. She tells Anu that she is much tensed thinking about it and that Vanraj could have tried to kill Anuj. Anupama tells her not to think wrong and have faith. She says she only wants to focus right now on Anuj getting better.

Baa pleads Anupama not to get her son Vanraj jailed. She tells him she knows that she has never found her son ever guilty of any of his wrong doings or mistakes. She requests Anupama not to get Vanraj arrested for sake of her love. Anupama calms down Baa and tells her that she cannot blame anyone until Anuj and Vanraj clearly tell them what happened.

Barkha tells her husband that Anuj may not be well anytime soon and they should take advantage of the situation to take over Kapadai business. She creates a scene at the hospital as she starts blaming Vanraj for trying to kill Vanraj. She threatens Shahs for getting Vanraj arrested. She insults them. Kavya and Baa stand for Vanraj and give it abck to her. Adhik and Toshu also argue as Adhik blames vanraj of threatening to kill Anuj in the recent past.

Anupama comes and asks Kavya to get a rickshaw to send them home and fight. She reminds them its a hospital.

Barka begins to blame Anupamaa. She questions her for always siding her Mayka despite of them treating her as aa doormat. She reminds her how her own daughter threw her out of the home and how her son insulted her. She blames Anu of having a soft corner for Vanraj. She questions her why did she marry Anuj, if she still has a soft corner for Vanraj. Anupama stops her and tells Barkha that she should be thankful that she is not at home but at the hospital for saying such nasty things. She tells her that she has never let air come between Anuj and her and she won’t let anyone come between Anuj and her. She tells her that she has soft corner for her ex husband or biased for her family, that’s Anuj and her issues. Anu asks Adhik to give some water to his sister to cool her down.

Barkha warns to get the police involved and get Vanraj pay for his crimes. She warns not to spare anyone who helps Vanraj, not even Anupama.

Anupama asks her to do whatever she wants to, but not at the hospital. She tells Barkha that even Vanraj has to answer her for all this happenings. Anu gets a call form doctor and rushes to meet Anuj.

Anuj regains consciousness. Anu gets much emotional and thankful. She talks to him. She makes him hear little Anu’s video message. Anuj gets consciousness. Anu gets happy and Shahs too. Barkha worries. Anupama tells him “I love you”. He says “I Love YOu” too. Barkha is not happy.


Vanraj tells Anupama, what happened was unfortunate and should not have happened. Anupama asks him to stop else she will slap him right now. She blames him. Barkha overhears this and gets happy.


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