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Anupamaa 20 August 2020 update: Rakhi puts a shocking condition in front of Anupama

Anupamaa latest news: Anupama meets Kinjal’s mother Rakhi

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Anupamaa serial on Star Plus. Samar talks to Parirtosh and asks him to apologize to their mother. He tells him that he cannot disrespect his mother and treat her like a door mat. He tells Paritosh that Anupama has done so much for them but never received any appreciation.

Paritosh is much upset with his lecture and warns to slap him for defending Anupama. He blames his mother for making things worse with Rakhi. Samar tells him that its is Vanraj who argued with Rakhi for insulting the family. Paritosh tells Samar that rakhi has not said anything wrong about them.

Samar asks hi how can he take his mother getting insulted and asks him to say sorry to Anupama right away. They get into a fight. Pakhi sees them fight and cries. Samar goes to Anupamaa to share her sorrow as she blames herself. She does not know what wrong she did as she treated Kinjal and her mother with respect and love.

Kinjal praises Anupama to be a good mother in law in front of her mother. Rakhi shows her Shah family’s truth and says Anupama is ill treated by her family. She tells how Anupama works round the clock like a full-time maid. She says Paritosh would expect the same from her since he has seen his mother also working in the house all the time. She tells her she does not want her to end her career to become a housewife. She asks Kinjal not to end ties with Paritosh.

Later, Vanraj remains upset with Anupama and shows his dislke for her. He taunts her that he should have never married her. Anupamaa is much hurt. Vanraj does not see Paritosh at the dining area and asks for him. He finds Paritosh calling Kinjal several times and throws away his phone. He scolds him and asks him how can he forget how Rakhi humiliated his family. Paristoh is much angry too with his family and thinks of leaving the house.

Vanraj goes to office and meets Kavya. She ignores him. She thinks that he loves er jealous. Anupama. Vanraj says sorry to her. He tells her that he was trying to make hHe tells her that he love her and does not want their spouses to bring troubles in their relationship. Kavya promises to stay away from Anirudh. He tells her that Anupama means nothing to her and is just a helper in the house.

He thinks that Rakhi was right about Anupama being uneducated. He tells Kavya that he will not accept Kinjal’s alliance for Paritosh ever. He wants Paritosh to forget her.

Anupamaa sees Paritosh crying. Baa blames her for his state. Anupama decides to meet Rakhi. Baa warns her. Anupama says that no one can stop her from doing a mother’s duty.

Rakhi is much surprised to Anupama. She takes an advantage seeing her helpless and insults her. She keeps a shocking condition in front of Anupama.

Kinjal is shocked as well. She calls Paritosh to inform about Rakhi and Anupama’s conversation. She reveals her mother’s condition. Paritosh is much shocked and breaks down.

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