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Anupamaa 28 August 2020: Sanjay warns Vanraj

Anupamaa 28 August 2020 written update: Sanjay gets to know of Vanraj and Kavya’s affair

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Anuapmaa serial on Star Plus. Anupama prays to lord Krishna. She is much happy that Paritosh is back home and wishes her family’s happiness. Paritosh tries to win over Vanraj who remains upset with him. Vanraj wants Toshi to win back his trust and love.

Vanraj meets Kavya as at cafe. He says sorry to her for taking out his anger on her. He tells her that he was much shattered when Toshi left him and the house. He praises Anupama for going against and standing up against Rakhi to bring back their son. He praises Anupama for not giving up and having hopes. Kavya feels insecure as Vanraj praises Anupama. Kavya tells him that she gets jealous when he talk about Anupama just like he gets insecure about Anirudh. Vanraj comforts her and expresses his love for her.

Vanraj’s brother in law overhears their love confession and is much shocked. Sanjay wants to question Vanraj but he gets held up with his clients. Kavya is much tensed that Sanjay knows about their affair. However, Vanraj tells her not to worry and says that Sanjay will not tell anything to Anupama as he will he will never want to break Anupama’s family. He is sure that their affair will remain hidden.

Sanjay gathers courage and calls Anupama to tell her Vanraj’s bitter truth but is unable to say anything when she keeps talking about Vanraj. He hides Vanraj’s affair from Anupama.

Vanraj comes home to fool Anuapma. She informs him that Sanjay had called her and told her about participating in the food festival at the cafe. She says that she had rejected his offer. Vanraj gets glads that Sanjay didn’t tell anything to Anuapma and is confident that his secret will remain hidden.

Samar and Nandini get into a moment as they have a cute fight. Baa sees Pakhi with a male friend and insults him. Pakhi gets much upset with Baa and asks her not to insult her friends. Anuapma asks Pakhi to apologize to baa for talking to her rudely.

Baa complains to Vanraj about Pakhi bringing home a male friend at home. Vanraj wants to talk to Pakhi but does not want her to rebel like Toshi. He lectures her. Pakhi gets upset with Anuapma thinking that she has complained to her father.

Further, Sanjay meets Vanraj and warns him of exposing him. He asks Vanraj to end his affair with Kavya. Anupama notices tension between them.

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