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Anupamaa 29th November 2021 Episode Update – Kavya instigates Paritosh

Anupamaa 29th November 2021 Episode Written Update – Shah Family plans Baa and Bapuji’s 50th wedding anniversary

Today’s Anupamaa episode starts with Vanraj looks for some thing. Kavya asks him what is he looking for. She gets upset as she ignores her. She expresses her anger that he is ignoring her. Vanraj tells her that after her betrayal she has left nothing to talk.

Anupama meets Baa and Bapuji and decides to leave worrying that Kavya could have problems. Samar, Pakhi & Kinjal stop her from leaving and make her stay back. Anupama calls Anuj to talk about her work. He realizes she is with Shah family. he is amazed how it looked like her family will never be back together but today they all are having goo time together. He gives the credit to Anupama that she is the one who keeps the family together. He says on one side you have toxic people like Vanraj and Kavya in the family and other side she has her kids & others who love her so much. Anupama says she didn’t understand toxic people. He says when you meet Vanraj and Kavya, you will know.

Vanraj joins everyone. Baa and Bapuji get busy talking to someone. Anupama tells Vanraj she wants to discuss about Baa and Bapuji’s 50th wedding anniversary (Golden Jubiliee). Vanraj says he too was thinking about it. They all discuss about arrangements and have good time together. Kavya gets jealous seeing Vanraj smiling and laughing with Anupama while being so serious with her. Anupama tells Baa and Bapuji about celebrating their anniversary. Baa asks not to spend so much. Anupama says it is their golden jubilee and they ought to spend some money.

Paritosh gets offended during anniversary celebrations discussion as Kinjal asks him to do decorations as she is busy at work. He blames her for taunting him of being jobless. They argue. Kavya sees it. She instigates Paritosh against Kinjal. She says he is not wrong to take help from his in laws. She tells him he should not be a fool like Kinjal who wants to be second Anupama and does not a comfortable life. She indirectly instigates him to move on in life if required juts like his parents.

Anupama leaves Shah house as she overhears Kavya upset with Vanraj. Kavya expresses her anger that she was not involved in the anniversary discussion and warns Vanraj. He looks into her eyes and asks her what wil she, throw them all out of her house. He says he wants to celebrate his parents’ anniversary and will go to a hotel if required!



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