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Anupamaa 5th December 2020 Written Update: Kavya confronts and warns Vanraj

Anupamaa 5th December 2020 Written Episode: Anupama’s advice for Samar

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus. The episode starts with Kavya walking away from Shah house in anger and runs into Nandini in between. Nandini says to her, the the speed with which Vanraj left house, she didn’t think he would return home so soon. She adds, she used to get angry on her, but now feels pity, as earlier Vanraj used to lie to his family for Kavya, now he is lying to Kavya for his family. This makes Kavya more angry.

Vanraj takes leave from Baa, Pakhi and Paritosh. Before leaving he talks to Anu and taunt her that even 24 hrs has not passed, since he left and he changed so much. From which hands Baa slapped him yesterday, today she fed him with the same hands, he even convinced Pakhi and Paritosh on his side. He challenges her that soon he will get whole family on his side and make her alone, soon everyone one will be on his side as house runs on a son and not daughter. He adds, soon this house and family will be his again; she broke his house; he will soon snatch her pride and everything including Baa, Bapuji and Children. Anupamaa a replies, one snatches what they don’t possess, his parents and children are his and will always be, woman doesn’t leave decency even in hatred; she warns him to not fall so low that when his anger vanishes, he feel ashamed of himself. He shouts Anupamaa. Anu warns him to lower down his voice, otherwise his family will get more upset seeing his this side. She further tells him that relationships, are taken care of and earned/won by love and respect, they cannot be snatched. If he will try to snatch relations, then he may lose his remaining relations too. She walks away in anger.

Vanraj returns back with flowers for Kavya and apologises for being late. He sees food made by her on table and ask to eat later giving her false reasons. Kavya confronts him for going to shah house and lying to her about it. He tries to give her excuses and lame reasons. Kavya says she has no problem in him going anywhere, but problem is in lying, he should have told her the truth. She adds, She always have forgiven him, but he should not have lied to her. Kavya gives Vanraj an ear to ear, saying, he hated smell of spices from Anupama’s hands and today same can be smelled from his hands. She warns him this can be accepted once but not always otherwise their relationship will also reach the same conclusion as his and Anupama’s. She walks away and Vanraj recalls everything Kavya said to her and gets angry.

Anupamaa is calculating household expenses, Bapuji comes and help her. Both of them discuss how they will be going to handle household expenses. Both Anu and Bapuji gets tensed thinking how will they handle everything. Anu is preparing breakfast, Samar comes and talks to her. She tells him that she knows he didn’t sleep well last night and can see he loves Nandini. Samar gets surprised knowing Anu knows about it. She ask him if he told Nandini about his feelings, he tells he did but Nandini didn’t reply and ran, he think she does not love him, his first love is left incomplete.

Vanraj in morning gets a back pain and recalls Anupama. He doesn’t find Kavya in the house. Anu explains Samar, “that if we love someone, it doesn’t mean the other one also love us in return”. She continues that friendship is the one relationship in the world in which they can live and breathe freely, but not in love; he has friendship on his side, which she lacked in relationship with his father. Vanraj on the other side looks for Kavya in the jogging ground and gets angry seeing her with some male friend.  Anu is explaining Samar the beauty of friendship to Samar, when Nandini arrives for Yoga practice. Vanraj walks to Kavya and her male friend, he talks to both of them rudely. Vanraj and Kavya gets into a heated argument about the latters male friend and her life. Anupama and Nandini looks on.

Anu serves breakfast to everyone, Pakhi comes and tells she wants to join some new special course just like her friend, which costs 80,000. Everyone gets shocked hearing the cost.

Precap: Pakhi seeing everybody’s shocking reaction says, she knows they don’t have that much money, so she asked Vanraj and he will be transferring money to Anupama’s account soon. Vanraj in his office smirks and thinks this is the first spot on Anupama’s self esteem. Baa taunts Anupama that one should show rigidness, if they have the status for it. Kavya gets the amount deduction message on her mobile. Anupama thinks Vanraj should not get children in between their fight.



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