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Anupamaa 7th December 2020 Written Update: Kavya Confronts Anupama

Anupamaa 7th December 2020 Written Episode: Vanraj uses Pakhi against Anupama

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Anupamaa (Anupama) serial on Star Plus. The episode starts with Vanraj-Kavya reaching home and arguing about their park fight. Kavya in anger says to Vanraj, what Anupama might be thinking of them fighting with each when even 2 days haven’t passes of them living together. She adds Nandini got another chance to taunt her now. Both of them argue citing their friends and family’s importance for them. Vanraj ego is already hurt by seeing Kavya with young male friend and when he tries to talk to her, she also give hims stern replies and she calls him a person with middle-class thinking. Kavya tries to sort their argument and says that even if she stops loving him him, she will never betray him, instead will tell him on face. Hearing this Vanraj recalls Anupama’s loyalty statement.

Kavya walks away. Vanraj thinks why Anupama had to come and catch him fighting with Kavya, his image got ruined. Baa shockingly asks why the course Pakhi wants to is so expensive. Paritosh and Pakhi explains Baa, 80-90 thousand is the minimum fees for course these days, moreover this course will be beneficial for Pakhi’s advance studies. Anupama worried is about to ask something from Pakhi but she interrupts and tells her not to worry as she already asked Vanraj for it and he will transfer the money to her account in some time. Baa praises Vanraj and says “we have alienated him, but he still cares for the family”. Anupama says to Pakhi she should have talked to her or Bapuji before taking money from Vanraj. Pakhi replies what to ask in requesting money from her own father, she herself would have also asked Vanraj for money for her course. Baa indirectly taunts Anupama that one should show rigidness, if they have the status for it. She adds, children’s education is Vanraj’s duty. Bapuji explains Pakhi to ask him or Anupama before taking such decisions. She apologises and agrees.

On one side Anupama recalls Vanraj’s threats of snatching family and everything else from her. She thinks Vanraj should not make her children pawn between their fight. On the other side Vanraj smirks thinking he gave Anupama’s self-esteem first slap by transferring Pakhi’s course fee. He thinks he is more important for his children than her. Kavya gets message of money deduction on her mobile in office and in shah house Pakhi shows money receiving¬† message on her mobile. Anupama apologises that she couldn’t help her with her course fee, but Pakhi maturely explain her that she knows her mother can do anything for her and will do when her dance classes will get successful and she will earn a lot. But later she unintentionally disappoints Anupama by asking her not to worry for time being as her father(Vanraj) is there for them.

Kavya returns Vanraj’s mobile and thinks Vanraj transferred money to Anupama and didn’t tell her about it. She further thinks Anupama talks of self-respect, then why she asked money from Vanraj, is she emotionally blackmailing Vanraj? Anupama returns from Yoga class with Nandini, She asks her to think of what she said to Samar in the morning. She runs into Kavya while returning home. They have a little tiff and Anupama ask her to talk inside home not on streets. Vanraj is busy in office and finds Kavya note that she left for some important work and will return soon. He doubts on Kavya, thinking if her important work is her male friend.

Kavya on the other side thinks wrong of Anupama and starts saying ill words to her. She ask her stop bothering her and Vanraj. Anupama ask her to lower down her voice as Bapuji is sleeping. Kavya ask her to not come in between Vanraj and her. She blame her for everything. Baa from behind makes Vanraj hear everything Kavya saying to Anupama. Vanraj gets tensed of the situation at shah house. Anupama gives stern replies to Kavya. Baa also comes and screams on Kavya. She scolds her a lot for coming to her house and talking ill to Anupama. Kavya calms herself and explains Baa that she has come to fight for her rights, Baa indirectly call her a thief and explains that thief has no rights. Baa and Kavya gets into and argument, Anupama tries to calm them but they continue fighting.

Anupama explains Kavya, that Vanraj may be hers now, but he is connected to other people also, he is Baa and Bapuji’s son, father of his kids and has many other relations too. She never came in between Vanraj and his family being his wife, then by which is she coming in between. She clarifies that she is not taunting her. Vanraj is struck in traffic jam trying to reach shah house. Anupama explains Kavya that blood relations never break and she can’t change anything even if she wants to ever. Anupama further tells her if she accept these things, she will have no fear. Vanraj reaches shah house and stare at Anupama and Kavya.

Precap: Vanraj takes Kavya out of shah house. He clarifies her that his parents are god for him, his children are his life and he cannot leave them for anyone not even her. this shocks Kavya. Pakhi requests Vanraj to come home for her Birthday Party. Anupama plans to throw a lovely Birthday Party for Pakhi. Kavya overhears father-daughter and plans to throw a better surprise birthday party for Pakhi than Anupama.



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