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Anupamaa fans share their excitement to the NEW PROMO as Anuj kisses Anupama’s hands for first time

Anuj gets big surprise as Anupamaa reciprocates to Anuj’s Kiss on her hands! SEE PROMO

In the latest episode of Star Plus show Anupamaa, we see  Anupama giving a piece of mind to Vanraj after the latter tries to manipulate her with his emotional drama.

Anupama meets Vanraj at an old temple where the Shahs visit everytime there’s a big event in the family. Vanraj reminds her of their happy family moments – from their wedding, the birth of their kids and other big moments. Anupama refuses to fall into his trap and reminds him of all the pain and humiliation he has given to her all these years too. She walks away calling him Ravan. Vanraj fumes in anger and tells Anupama that she will never be happy with her second marriage. At the same time, Anuj gets to know of Anupama and Vanraj’s meet. Malvika and Devika worry. However, Anuj shows his trust on Anupama.

The fans of the show glad to see that Anupama didn’t let Vanraj manipulate her. Now, in the coming episodes of the show, we Anuj is seen going down on one knee to kiss Anupama’s hand.

The beauty of the #MaAn relationship and the purity of their bonding have won the hearts of the fans and they have shared their reactions on social media.

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