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Anupamaa upcoming twists – Anupama finds out about Toshu’s affair, Vanraj feels ashamed, See Promo

Fans of Star Plus popular show Anupamaa (Anupama) are witnessing some high voltage drama in the ongoing track! On one side, Anupama is worried for Anuj as he shows signs of memory loss and on the other side she suspects Rakhi is hiding a big truth about her son Paritosh (Toshu).

The makers have now released a new promo, where we see Anupama finds out about Toshu’s affair and slaps him for betraying Kinjal. She questions him. Rakhi tells her what will he say as she has all the proofs of his affair. Vanraj gets shocked.

Toshu tries to justify his betrayal saying that Kinjal was pregnant and every man does have need. Anupama slams him and every man who finds out a way to justify him cheating on his wife. She says no excuse can justify a man cheating on his wife.

Vanraj feels ashamed as his son has followed his footsteps. Anupama is shattered and worries how will she tells Kinjal about this big betrayal in such sensitive and crucial time of her life time.

What will be Kinjal’s reaction? Will Kinjal leave Toshu? Will Anupama support her?

Stay tuned to this space for latest gossips and updates of Anupamaa.

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