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Anupamaa upcoming twists – Vanraj gives his best regards to Anupama and Anuj on their wedding

Fans of Star Plus show Anupamaa (Anupama) are witnessing the much awaited wedding of Anuj and Anupama. In the recent episodes of the show we saw Anuj and Anupama’s stunning entry on their wedding day.

Baa who was against #MaAn wedding to welcomed Anuj and the Baarat. Anupama gets much  happy getting Baa’s blessings on her wedding and beautiful rituals performed by her kids Samar and Toshu.

In today’s episode we see Varmala ceremony of #MaAn. The family gets divided into two groups supporting the bride and groom’s side respectively. They have fun as they roast each other and get into cute fights with each other. Anupama declares both sides as winner as each side as her mothers Baa and her mom. Everyone gears up for their wedding rituals including pheras and sindoor & mangalsutra rituals

Now, in the coming episodes we will see Anuj and Anupama finally tie the knot. Vanraj comes to wish them all the best for their wedding & future. He tells them that he has to accept their wedding not for their sake but his won sake. Anuj and Anupama finally tie the knot!

Stay tuned to this space for more updates of Anupamaa.


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