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Bepanah latest news : Aditya and Zoya to have romantic moments after he saves her

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In the upcoming episodes of Bepanah , Aditya will finally realize his feelings for Zoya.

Aditya will decide to leave India and go back to Paris. Zoya will get to know about the plan and she will confront him about the same. She will tell him that she made just one friend in her life, and that’s him.

Aditya will tell Zoya that she means a lot to him but he needs. Zoya doesn’t believe Aditya, Aditya gets angry and asks her to leave if she doesn’t believe him.

Anjana plots to separate Aditya and Zoya and she will intelligently lock Zoya inside a car. Zoya will get locked up and she will shout to Aditya for help. Aditya will find her and he will save her.

However Aditya will get hurt. He will tell Zoya that he isn’t able to have food on his own. Aditya and Zoya will share a cute moment… Zoya will feed him noodles.
Noor will see this and inform Arjun ,she will tell him that she wants Zoya to marry Aditya instead of Arshad.
Aditya will stay at Zoya’s place because of heavy rains. Aditya and Zoya will have a nice time together. Aditya will realize his love for Zoya.
What will Aditya do now? Will he tell Zoya about his feelings for her?
Keep reading this space for latest gossips, spoilers and upcoming twists of Bepanah.


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