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Bharti Singh was the first to hold Kapil Sharma’s daughter Anayra at the time of birth

Bharti Singh reveals being with Kapil Sharma’s wife during her delivery

Bharti Singh is one of the most popular and loved comedians on Indian Television. been making India laugh for a decade now. She is the female comedian who has gained so much popularity across the nation and has always made people laugh with her jokes and various skit characters.

Bharti’s crackling chemistry with Kapil Sharma on The Kapil Sharma Show receives immense love from the audience.

In a recent interview with a news portal, Bharti Singh revealed how she and Kapil Sharma share a bond similar to that of like brothers and sisters, and how they are already making plans for a holiday, as they strive to get through the pandemic phase.

She also revealed about being there during Ginni’s delivery (Kapil Sharma’s wife) and is delighted that she was the first one to hold Kapil and Ginni’s daughter Anayra in her arms after she was born.

She said, “I know Kapil for many years now. I am very close to his wife Ginni as well. During Ginni’s delivery I was with her the entire time as the family was in Punjab. We took her to the hospital early morning and the next day she delivered at 12 o’clock midnight . Jab uski beti hui thi toh maine hi sabse pehle mere haatho mai liya tha. Abhi toh mashallalah woh chhah mahine ho gayi hai. Due to lockdown down I haven’t seen for three months now. Once lockdown ends I will first visit my mother’s house and then go to Kapil bhai’s house to see them. My mother and Kapil are my two pillars here in Mumbai.” 

We all hope that this challenging times soon come to an end!


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