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GHKPM upcoming twists – Drama over Virat’s expensive gift for Sai next

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKPM) latest news – Virat surprises Sai with a gift

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKPM) on Star Plus. Kaku tells her you have eaten food made by your beloved mother in law why Pakhi is still hungry because of you. Usha asks Sai to Pakhi and end the discussion. Sai refuses to says sorry as she has not one any mistake.

Pakhi tells Sai to go to her room as she cannot even tolerate seeing her face anymore. She ass her not to come down and she can get all her food upstairs in her room just like her husband gets it for her. Sai leaves for her room but feels bad and come bac. She asks Pakhi if she has really not eaten her food and says sorry to her. Kaku says what did you say. Sai says sorry again. She asks her to eat food. Pakhi refuses. Sai asks her to keep her ego and issues aside for a while and eat something. She says no one likes to eat alone, I have to as I have to focus on my studies due to the promise I have made to my father. Usha gets food. Sai offers the food to Pakhi but Pakhi stays adamant. Sai asks Kaku to explain her. Before leaving for the room, Sai clarifies to Pakhi that she has never asked Virat to do anything for her and he does out of his will. She says I will make things easier for you and declares that from now on she will have no rights of Virat. Everyone is shocked.

Sai comes to her room and gets irritated listening to a reminder ringing constantly. She recollects asking Virat t call her at 8 pm. Virat surprises her. He teases her that he had to cancel his mission because of her. She feels bad. He reveals to her that the mission got cancelled and hence her thought to surprise her. He gifts her set of ruby earrings and necklace with pendant. Sai is much happy that he remembered her wish. She tries it and asks if he has got anything for anyone else. Virat says why would he get it for others. Sai gets scared that it could become another big issue in the house that Virat has gifted her such expensive gift.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that Sai wears the necklace. Karishma notices it at the breakfast and asks her if she bought such expensive necklace for herself. Sai reveals that Virat has gifted her. Pakhi and Kaku are shocked and unhappy.

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