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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 16th August 2021 Episode Written Update – Samrat to divorce Pakhi

Star Plus Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th August 2021 Written Episode, GHKKPM Written Update

Today’s Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) episode starts with Samrat asks sai, Virat and everyone to leave. Virat ask you do not know your Jiva? Samrat yells and says he does not know any Jiva.

The kids come out and thank him for gifts and the t-shirts with their names. Sai says she will just now prove that he is their Samrat dad. She asks the kids to stand in line and reveals the names on their t-shirt that has each Chavan family member’s name Sonali, Bhavani, Ninad, Om, Karishma etc.

Sai asks if you do not know Mohit and Virat then what is their name doing on the kids t-shirts. Virat asks the kids who has given them their names. They says Sam. Sai says this cannot be a mere co-incidence. Sam asks the orphanage lady to take the kids inside. Samrat asks Sai to leave right away before he says anything harsh. Virat asks Sai to leave with him now. Sai stops and goes back to Samrat. She tells him that your heart has become a stone, but let me tell you your mother is taking every breathe with the hope that you might return. She says she is alive but name sake. You must have left the house for your reasons, but why didn’t you think of your mother. Every time door bell rings, Mansi thinks you must have returned. Mansi says she is waiting to see you once and praying everyday for you to God. She asks him have you never thought about your mom, who has thought of you every moment. What do you want me to go and tell her, that I found your son but could not convince him to come, I cannot do this. I know your are upset but can’t you do this for your mother’s sake. Samrat is in tears.

Virat tells Jiva please do not trouble your Shiva anymore, please agree. Virat goes and hugs Samrat again. Samrat recollects his marriage and Virat and Pakhi’s love. He moves away from Virat. Mohit and Sunny hug him too.

Virat tells Samrat you don’t kow I am so happy to see you here. We had such scary thoughts but I knew your would be okay where ever you are. I have always prayed for you. Samrat asks Sai how does she know all of them. Mohit says she is Virat’s wife. Samrat asks how did you marry someone else. He recollects Pakhi’s love confession for Virat. Sai tells Samrat our marriage happened out of situations. Virat says you are hiding something. Samrat reveals that on the marriage day he found out something was wrong. Virat says what. Virat says I had heard Pakhi talking to someone on the wedding night over the phone. Virat is shocked. After hearing that I didn’t find it suitable to stay there anymore and that’s why I left next day.

Mohit asks him to come back home now. Samrat says I am not the sme person anymore, that you all knew and there is no use of me to go back now. I will not come. Virat says how can you do this, you have come. Mohit also pleads. Mohit asks him to think about his mom Mansi. He says I do not know what you says about Pakhi, I do not know about that bht she is also worried about you. Samrat says I cannot believe as I know Pakhi thinks about someone else. Virat is speechless. Mohit says I have to tell you this news, you will be happy.

Devi is married to Pulkit, she is better now. Sai says she has a daughter too. Samrat says how did this happen. Mohit says Sai has made it happen. Mohit says you have to come back now for her sake. Samrat thanks Sai for Devi’s happiness. Sai tells him if I am able to atke you home, then I will know I have done some miracle. Samrat says you are like ,y sister, but I cannot come. Sai says you just called me your sister and I had promised to your mom. that her son will come back. She says you have heart of gold, you cannot leave your family in tears. You can give relief to kaku, Omi and NInad, you cannot do this to your mother. You have to come.

Virat says i have heard your words and their hints, but please believe me, what you are thinking, it does not matter now, come home and you will find out. Samrat says there is no use and before leaving, I had made sure my mother has no issues about money. And about Pakhi, I have left her on her own, she can do whatever she wants and spend her life as she wants. Sai says Pakhi is waiting for you and it is your duty to tell her face to face that she is free to make her decisions.

Samrat says you are right, I should tell my decision to Pakhi and the family. Virat gets happy. Samrat says I will not be staying forever and no one will force me. It will be my decision to how long in Chavan house.  Sai says what if you mind changes. You have no idea Mansi bua will be so happy, it will be Diwali in Chavan Niwas. She talks about Pakhi. Samrat yells and says please do not talk about her ever in front of me.


Sai tells everyone that she has a surprise. Samrat comes home. Pakhi is shocked. He tells everyone that he has not come back to stay forever. He has come to divorce her and set her free from this relationship.


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