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Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 13 October 2021 Episode Update – Chavan happy to see Virat and Sai together, Pakhi jealous

Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein 13th October Written Episode, GHKKPM Written Update

Today’s Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) episode starts with Ninad requests Sai to talk to him as he is yearning to hear her voice. Sai remains speechless. Kaku calls her jungli mugli with love and says he has prayed for her in the temple and gives her a promise that no one will ever hurt her. Virat sees Sai from outside. Samrat says Sai is too weak to speak and we should let her rest. Omi gets rude and says yes we are done meeting, so lets leave.

Sunny gets coconut water for Virat and asks him to have something since he hasn’t had anything. Virat refuses. He sees that nurse and asks her to give it Sai. The nurse comes inside and asks them why are all of you here and asks them to leave. She asks Sai to have the coconut water. Sai does not wish to have. Virat walks in. Everyone leaves Sai and Virat alone.

Virat tries to convince her to have the coconut water. He says he knows that she is much upset and has a lot to say to him, but asks her to first have this water and get better. Sai does not have. He pretends to talk to her father Kamal Sir and says look at your daughter, she does not listen to me, may be she will listen to you. He scolds himself on behalf of Kamal sir for calling his daughter stubborn and rude. He says sorry for his behaviour while being much regretful and emotional. Virat feels weak too. Sunny walks in and tells Sai to please asks him to also have something as he hasn’t had anything since she is admitted in the hospital. Shivani hints Sunny to leave them alone and come out.

He says Kamal Sir’s line for Sai “Ghe ga majhi aa” (please have it my mother). Sai gets much emotional and hugs him. Virat feels a big relief. He pleads her to have the juice for her father’s sake who would want her to be fine soon. He feels weak too. Sai hints him to have the water first. He has it for her sake. She also has the water. The family sees this and feels good that things are better between Virat and Sai.

Pulkit comes and sees Virat with Sai. He says so Virat finally met Sai. Samrat tells him how Sai had water after Virat convinced her. Pulkit says you were right when you said Sai wanted to see Virat after she gained consciousness. He says that he is happy for them and that Virat left his ego aside and finally realized that Sai was forced to leave the house. Kaku and Ninad assure to take good care of Sai and not hurt her anymore in anyway. Shivani says she also feels that Kaku has finally realized her mistake. Omi gets upset. Shivanji asks Pulkit why isn’t Sai speaking. He says she is too weak and might take time to recover. Pakhi comes with flowers for Sai and sees everyone being happy looking at Sai and Virat. She sulks seeing them together.

Virat tells Sai may be these days he cannot hear properly. The other Devi said that she is leaving and he was not listening to her properly and now too he can’t hear her speak so many things (sarcastically). She says to herself yes, all of this has happened because of you. Virat continues to convinces her to talk to him.


Sai comes and yells at Virat. She asks him if he thought that she wil no longer shout at him. He tells her how he was longing for her to talk to him.



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