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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 12th October 2021 Written Update – Chavans worries Sai has lost her speech

Star Plus Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 12th October 2021 Episode Update, Written Update, GHKKPM Written Update

Today’s Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) episode starts with Samrat gets medicines for Sai. He gives it to Pulkit. Pulkit says good. It is difficult to get them. Pulkit says hopefully Sai will be fine soon. He says I am leaving for now and asks Samrat to call him in case of emergency.

Samrat says I am there and Virat too. Virat stays tensed and quiet. Pulkit leaves. Samrat says I know you don’t have the courage to see Sai in this condition. Virat says I have lost the rights to see Sai. Samrat tells him a marital relationship is not like a glass that is totally broken, you relationship is not broken and so aren’t your rights.

Ashwini sits next to Sai. She tells Samrat Sai has moved her fingers. Sai opens her eyes. She thanks God to bring her to consciousness. Ashwini asks her if she is fine. Sai looks for Virat. Samrat sees her looking for him. He asks her if she wants to see Virat. She is unable to speak. Ashwini asks her to hint with her eyes. She asks her if she wants to see doctor. Sai hints no. Ashwini asks if she wants to see Virat. She hints yes. Ashwini says Virat didn’t meet Sai as he thought she wants to seen him, but now Sai wants to see him. She meets Virat and says you have been waiting for Sai to be fine, she is better now. Come see here. He says I can’t meet her. Ashwini says She has said she wants to meet you. Virat is shocked and surprised.

Samrat tells him how Sai hinted them to see him. Virat says what if she gets more worse. Samrat says her eyes are only looking for you. Ashwini asks her not to think much and meet her now. Virat feels weak with all the stress. Ashwini holds him. Samrat hopes that their decision is right to let Virat meet Sai.

Virat opens the door. He sees Sai and folds his hands to say sorry to her. He gets closer to her and asks her how is she. He asks her if she can listen to him. She hints with her eyes. He asks her if she was really looking for him. She hints yes. He holds her hands. She gets emotional and tries to talk. He asks her not to say anything, I have understood everything. he asks her not to cry. He says nothing is more precious that you shed tears, not even me.

Sai feels uneasy, her vitals get serious. The nurse comes to check her. Virat asks her what happened. The nurse says I know you have been praying for her ever since she is admitted, but she is getting very emotional seeing you. Its better you do not see her and let her rest. Sai wants to stop him. He tells her I am here only and asks her to rest. The nurse asks him to leave as she has to give her injection. He leaves looking at her. The nurse says your husband has only been praying for you and cried for you a lot, didn’t speak to anyone, just worried about you. You are very lucky.

Bhavni comes and asks Samrat to let her meet Sai just once, She has to keep this God’s prasad and flowers next to her. Samrat asks Sai how is she now. Kaku tells Sai why did she leave without telling them and doing God’s puja. Ninad asks Sai to forgive her old father in law and come home. Omi gets upset and questions her for leaving the house and putting them in trouble too. Mansi asks him to keep quiet. Ninad asks Sai to say something, they can’t see her so quiet.

Kaku tells her that she went to the big temple to pray for her and got this prasad and flowers only for her. She puts the flowers on her eyes and says God’s blessing and ours is always with you. She says I have prayed that you get well soon and come back home with us. Shivani says the doctor will only tell what is better for Saai. Mansi says that is not important now. She says some people are not happy with you but there are others who love you and will always do. Samrat asks Sai if she ok. Ninad asks her to say something. Samrat says she is not in a position to speak as she is so weak. Mansi says what if she is unbale to speak due to the accident. Kaku says what are you saying, her voice is her life. Ninad says the house is so silent without her. He says I want to hear you call me baba.

Ninad asks if Virat has met Sai. Samrat says yes, but Sai’s condition got affected seeing him, so doctors asked him to stay away. Ninad tells Sai whenever I see my harmonium, I think of you, he asks her to come home soon, he will be unbale to play the harmonium without you. He says we understand the value of a person after we lose them. I have understood your value, I will never let you go. He asks him to look at her once. Sai remains serious.


Virat asks Sai to drink coconut water. Sai mimics her father to make her talk. Shivani worries why is Sai not speaking. Virat tells Sai he is craving to hear Virat Sir from her.


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