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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 20 October 2021 Episode Update – Sai comes back to Chavan house

Star Plus Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 20th October 2021 Written Episode, GHKKPM Written Update

Today’s Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) episode starts with Chavans prepare for Ganapati puja and welcome Virat and Sai home. Kaku asks everyone to get everything done fast. Omi asks have you organized this Maha puja for Ganapati or for Sai’s welcome. Sonali taunts Sai left us without saying anything, yet we are welcoming her.

Omi expresses how much importance Sai is getting for past 10 days. Samrat says let’s do the puja without any issues and positivity, and not today. Karishma taunts yes, we all have to be positive as we cannot expect it from Sai.

Sonali warns Karishma we cannot let Sai overpower us this time. Mohit makes grand entry by playing dhol. Karishma gets happy. He meets Samarat and his mom. Samrat asks him about his play. Shivani praises him and says you have come on a good day. Mohit asks for Sai. Karishma taunts him that he is more excited to meet his Sai bhabhi rather than his wife. Sonali’s tells her if she is done now and asks her to get snacks and tea for Mohit.

Virat and Sai are in the car. Sai asks about her stuff. Virat says Shivani and Samrat have already taken it home. Sai recollects how she was leaving Virat forever few days back. Virat sees her and says I know you are thinking how you left me while going this way and now you are coming back with me. Sai says I cannot believe I am going back to same house and room which I thought to leave forever.

Virat says Mom says God has his ways to play with us and show different aspects of a person. She says what face will you show me now, you had told me to that she will see that face of him which she has never seen, back in Mahabaleshwar. He laughs off. They see a procession. Sai sees the kid she had saved from falling in the pit and got injured. She follows the kid. Virat goes to park his car. He misses to see in the crowd.

Kaku waits for Sai and Virat. Sonali taunts Karishma about setting the curd wrongly. Karishma says it’s cream. Sai feels dizzy in the crowd. Ninad wonders where are Virat and Sai. Omi says with Sai around, there is always some. problem. Mansi says there could be traffic due to visarjan. Ninad says then did Sai have to take discharge today. He says why are you giving so much importance to Sai.

Shivani slams Omi for speaking against Sai rather than helping everyone for puja. Omi reminds that he works and he contributes the most in the house expenses. Kaku says we should keep a Satyanarayana puja after Sai comes. Sonali says why one more puja, it will be waste of money for doing any puja for Virat and Sai.

Sai goes pat through the crowd as she feels uneasy. She closes her ears from loud noise that disturbs her. She sees the kid playing with the ball and goes towards him. The kids mother goes to hima. a Sai gets happy. She stands at the edge of the same pit with rods. She recollects her accident and is about to fall. Virat reaches in time and pulls her back. He asks her why did she have to get out of the car. Sai says it’s is the same kid she saved, she had to check on him. He says you are weird. The kids parents kids thank Sai. They say the girl who risked her life for a stranger kid, must love you so much, you are lucky. Everyone begins to enjoy dancing for Visarjan again. Sindoor falls on Sai’s forehead. Virat looks at Sai. The kids mother says this is blessings from Ganapati for both of you to be always happy. Virat and Sai look at each other. Virat calls her let’s go back home Mrs. Sai Virat Chavan and gives his hands to her. Sai feels giddy again. He holds her in his arms and takes her to the car. She smiles. GHKKPM happy song plays l.a


Virat tells everyone Sai should rest, she must be tired. He takes her to their room. Ashwini asks him to stop. She says Sai will rest, but in her own separate broom. Everyone is shocked



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