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Imlie 03 July 2021 Written Update – Aditya fears losing Imlie, falls unconscious

Star Plus Imlie 03 July 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Pallavi cooks a feast for her first rasoi rasam. Everyone is impressed. They find Imlii missing. Rupi Di goes to look for Imli. Aditya also finds Imli missing and worries. Rupi assures him she would be here only.

Imli reaches Anu’s house to met Malini. She learns that Malini does not stay with Anu and Dev anymore. Anu sees Imli and blames her for coming to meet Dev to beg for her rights. She begins cursing Meethi for training her to beg. Imlie says her mother was single, yet she brought her up made her study single handedly and she is proud of her mother. She asks why isn’t you daughter with you, will your daughter be proud of you, as you are a bad mother. Dev comes. Imli leaves. He stops her and says he has been unfair to both his daughters. He says he wants to give his name to her.

Imli tells him she has a name, it is small, but enough. She can make name for himself and reach the skies, she does not need the crutches of name, fame etc. Those are needed by weak people. She leaves.

Aditya gets tensed that Imli has left him. He asks how can she leave him and take decision about their relationship all alone. He shed tears Nishant and Pallavi come and get breakfast for him. They find him tensed and asks him what is the problem. Nishant gets shocked as Aditya reveals that Imlie has found out that Dev is her father. He says Malini and Imli are sisters. Aditya worries that Imli would sacrifice their relationship for Malini’s sake. He falls unconscious. Pallavi calls the family. Aditya keeps saying “wapas aa jao”. Aparna thinks he wants to meet Malini ad calls her.

Malini is with KC. They have a moment when Kunal asks her if she is sharing her heart because he is her lawyer or otherwise. She gets Aparna’s call who asks her to come immediately as Aditya is unwell and looking for her. Malini rushes to see Aditya. Kunal confronts her over having feelings for Aditya. Malini realises the truth and asks what she should do. He says its your personal decision.


Malini enters Aditya’s room and finds him with Imli. She says she should have understood that there is someone here to take care of him. Imli turns back and looks at Malini.


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