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Imlie 04th December 2021 Episode Written Update – Imlie assists Aditya

Star Plus Imlie 04th December 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Imli enjoys driving Aryan’s car and boasts about herself. She has fun. Aryan warns her to make sure there is not a single scratch on the car because of her. Aditya sees her in the car and park it. Aryan comes out of the car. Aditya looks at them and recollects Malini showing pictures of them and all his doubts on them. Aryan asks her to get his bags inside. She says this is not my work. He says whatever I say is your work and leaves.

Aditya comes to Imli and says first he became your friend, then landlord and now you have become his driver and personal assistant too. How much are you doing to grow your friendship with your boss. Imli says earlier you sued to be happy with myu small wins and today I drove such a big car and you are seeing your loss in this. She leaves. Imli’s co-workers tell him how her favourite actor Arjun Singh is married now. They gossip about the actor. Aditya taunts them if they know what has been written about farmers and who has written it. He says people remember about page 3 crap, how will you become serious journalist. He taunts in front of Imli some people have big connections but we all have to work hard to become successful. That’s why I am asking you that the CEO is not your friend, don’t waste pour time and work hard. He leaves. Imlie is hurt by his words and shed tears alone. She says Babu saheb you think I can fire at a pregnant woman, become friends with boss to become successful, How can you say such things about me, you never loved me or knew me, and may be your thinking has fallen down so much. How did this happen?

Anu meets Malini and curses Imli for finding reasons to be around Aditya. She says are you not tensed. Malini says no, you have not seen Aditya’s conditions. I have planted doubts in Aditya’s mind about Aryan and Imli, whenever he will look at them, he will be angry with Imli. I am not tensed about Imli any more but about Rupi Di having that phone. She says I have locked the drawer that has the phone. Anu asks her to open the drawer and take the phone. Radha sees the keys and asks Rupi has been looking for them for many days now. Anu says it my locker keys and not your some cheap drawer keys. Radha leaves. Anu asks Malini to get the phone out soon form the drawer.

Aditya meets Aryan in his office. Aryan asks him to get ready for his new assignment. Aditya says how he is always ready to make differences in common people lives and bring changes for their good. Imli comes in. She looks at Aditya. Aryan asks her to sit. he tells Aditya that anyone who knows Imlie closely knows that her writing skills connect with people so easily and that why when her article was written, our paper sales shot up. That why I want her to assist you in your next assignment. He asks them to interview a Bollywood actress Pooja Oberoi together. Aditya refuses to do the assignment. He says my article may not be on page one, but I cannot be pushed to page 3 gossips article. Aryan asks what is your problem, the assignment or the intern. Aditya says I do not write gossip articles its against my journalism ethics. Aryan says I also take my business very seriously. tells him you are part of the organisation and not the organisation itself. He asks him to take his job seriously. Aditya asks him to give work to someone else. He you can write your won articles when this Bhaskar times becomes Tripathi times. Aditya tells Imli you are his intern but you have to work with me for this article and asks her to come.

Aparna tells everyone Imli had called and she is interviewing actress Puja Oberoi and asked us all to come. She says Imli knows Puja is Radha’s favourite actress, hence she asked her to come. Radha says Imli remembers such small things about us. Malini and Anu smirk. Aparna says Imli does not stay in the house and is busy with her work, but she thinks about us. Malini says this is all because of Aditya but everyone forgets to praise him. Rupi says you have so much issues with Imle, then you better not come. Everyone goes to get ready.

Anu suggests Malini that she has a golden chance against Imli and asks her to go. Imlie and Aditya reach the press conference. Imli is excited. He says the actress is not coming for you, and I have come here for a waste of time.

Actress Puja arrives  and says I am so bored of the regular interviewing things. She come son the stage to promote her film. Imli says she is so beautiful in real life. A reporter asks her what is she wearing. She tells her about the brand. Imli wonders what questions are this people asking? Someone talks about her dating, Imli says what is all of this? Aditya curses for being around such useless reporters. Imli says some reporting is better than no reporting. She says you do not want to work, I will do it as I do not want to be scolded by the boss. Imlie says we have to asks some question that is different and she would like to answer too. Aditya gets up and asks about draught around Delhi and about the farmers. Imli is shocked.

The actress is also puzzled. Imli says what are you asking, ask about the film. Aditya says I am sorry, I am not interested about your wardrobe, you fans would be interested to know your thoughts on farmers issues. They cannot affords the clothes and shoes you are wearing, what is your take on social issues. Puja asks him to stop this nonsense. She refuses to answer his questions. Puja leaves angrily. Imli says what have you done. Why did you insult the actress. He says the social issues are more important than her shoes and clothes. He says now office people will know what work to give to whom. Imli fires questions him about household work that he is clueless. She says it been a long time you have been out of school. You chose your subjects and you yours, if she does not know about your subject does not mean that she is dumb. He says I am dumb to make you understands things. He says you are mistaken to think work is small or big. He blames her of thinking her her boss about profit and loss and asks her to impress her boss if she wants and leaves.


Aditya tells Imlie if the love between us has ended, then lets divorce each other. He says I want to give Malini and my child all rights. he burns their picture and asks her to sign the divorce papers. Imli is shocked and shattered to sign the papers. Malini gets happy.


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