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Imlie 06th September 2022 Written Update – Imlie loses Chini

In today’s episode of Star Plus show Imlie, we will see that Malini claims that Imlie had kidnapped her daughter and lied to her that her daughter was dead.

Aryan asks Imlie if Chini is Malini’s daughter. Imli remains silent. She tells Aditya that Chini is Gudiya, Malini’s daughter. She had left Chini outside the temple and abandoned her. Aditya feels betrayed. He blames her of breaking his trust again and lying to him when he had asked her about Chini being Gudiya at the hospital. Imlie tells him that she was scared that Malini could harm Chini.

Imlie tells him she knows that he is by her and Chini’s side now and asks for his support. Aditya gets upset with her for betraying her and tells that Chini belongs to Malini. Imli is shocked. Malini gets happy and claims her rights on Chini. Imlie gets helpless as he gets no support from Aryan or the family. Aunty Neela and Preeta take chance to oust Imlie from Aryan’s life.

Imlie refuses to go without Chini. Chini refuses to go with Imli and says that she wants to stay with her mom. Imlie is devastated. Malini picks her up and shows her way out. Aunty Neela and Preeta throw her out of the house and throw her bag too. Imlie looks at Malini picking up Chini and rejoicing her victory.


Imlie re-thinks as she gets a clue from destiny. She decides not to give up and fight back.


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