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Imlie 09 September 2021 Episode Written Update – Malini traps Imlie in false food poisoning drama

Star Plus Imlie 09 September 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Malini throws a small bottle into the bin. Imli sees it. She questions Malini about it. Malini says you only said enough of this small tricks, now its time for something big, you wait and watch. She leaves. Imlie wonders what is wrong.

Malini serves all the kids food and makes a point to mention that Imli has made it. Imli rushes out and stops the kids from consuming. She collects the food plates from them. Bade Kaka & Aparna asks her what is wrong. The NGO caretaker leaves. He gets upset with the humiliation and tells Bade Kaka he will never forget this.

Aditya asks what happened and why did she make the prasad if she didn’t serve it. Imlie says how could I served a poisoned prasad to the kids. She says she has seen it Malini Di has mixed something in this. She says I didn’t expect Malini Di to get so evil. Malini says what do you mean Imli. How can you blame me for such a evil thing. Aditya gets upset with Imli too. Malini says let me prove to you by eating this prasad. She consumes it and nothing happens. Aditya tells Imli that she should have been certain befor emaking such accusations. She has ruined everything.

Malini says she knows it that Imli ot upset that I served the prasad made by her. She tells her if she had a problem, she should have told her, she would have let her do it. She says Imli has a problem with me ever since Aditya has got be home. She pretends to leave. Aditya stops her. He demands Imli to say sorry to her. Imlie does not. Anu says see how shameless this girl is. Aditya tells Imli that she will not become a small person if she says sorry since she has done a mistake. Imlie says nothing. He tells her that she has disappointed him yet again and leaves. Aparna says she curses the day this girl came into their life. Bade Kaka also says he does not know how much humiliation he will have to face because of of this girl and leaves. All of them leave.

Imli goes in the kitchen and says sorry to God. Malini comes. She reveals to her that she showed her what she wanted her to see. She says the drug was not mixed in the prasad but in the juice. She wanted Imlie to blame her in front of Aditya and prove Imli wrong in Aditya’s eyes. She says the entire family has drank this juice and see what has happened now. Rupi Di comes intoxicated. She tells Malini she loves her but hates her too. Malini says the feelings are mutual. She pushes Rupi away as she gets closer to her.


Imli asks her how can she do this. Malini asks her how did she take her place with Aditya during the dance. She blames Imlie for snatching Aditya from her. She says Aditya was in a relationship with her for seven years but she came and played with her emotions and snatched Aditya. Imlie tells her no matter what you say the truth will remain that I am Aditya’s first wife. Malini promises to ruin Imli’s image in Aditya and everyone’s eyes. She asks her to go and handle the family.

Everyone acts funny being intoxicated. Imli is shocked. Malini comes and tells in front of all that Imli was right. I will Love Aditya and I love him a lot. She tells Aparna that I am still your favourite Bahu right? She reveals to Imli that none of them will remember what happened today in the morning. She leaves saying she will get what she wants. Imlie wonder where Malini went and what she went.


Malini goes to Aditya’s room and sits next to him. She asks him not to worry, Imli is her little sister and she will handle her. She asks him to have some juice. Imli rushes to Aditya’s room. Aditya is already intoxicated as Imli reaches his room.


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