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Imlie 09th December 2021 Episode Written Update – Imlie attempts suicide

Imlie serial 09th December 2021 Written Update – Malini plays evil to get Aditya and Imli divorced

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Aditya sees the anniversary party arrangements and says Imli will like it. Nishant and Rupi instructs the hotel staff for Aditya and Imli’s grand entry with lights and flowers. They realize that no one called Imlie. Aditya says seriously.

Aryan and Imlie reach the hotel. Imli is worried as her work gets drenched in rain and does not work. Aryan gets a call from Anu. She tells him that their meeting is arranged in suite 102. Aryan rushes over there. Malini tells Tripathis she just saw Imli outside. Everyone wonders how did she know. They think she much be waiting for Aditya to get her to the party. Aditya goes to get Imli.

He misses to see Imli and Aryan going in the elevator. Malini sees them and tells Aditya that she saw Imli on first floor. Imli spots Aditya and gets happy that he has come. She thinks this is a sign. She thinks to take the step towards him and sort their differences. Aryan asks her what happened. She request him for two minutes. She rushes to write a letter to Aditya to patch up. She asks the hotel staff to give it to Aditya. Aryan and Imlie get into suite 102. The power goes and their door gets locked.

Malini says she managed to get the power cut and sends Aditya to room 102. Aryan lights fireplace as Imlie feels cold. He says the day is bad. Imli says this storm is always unlucky for her. Her saree catches fire. Aryan helps to put it off. Imlie sees her wedding saree burnt and gets tensed. Aryan offers her to wear his coat as she would fall sick with cold. He makes her wear it. Aditya enters the room and sees them together. He gets shocked and misunderstands them. Imlie gets happy Aditya got her letter. Aditya leaves. Aryan tells Imli Aditya seems very angry and asks her to be clam.

Aditya is confused if Imli can betray him. He decides to go and talk to her. He looks for her while she looks for him. The hotel staff gives him Imli’s letter. Malini changes the letter. Aditya is shocked to see that Imli has sent him divorce papers. Malini pretends to be in disbelief and says she will talk to Imli. Aditya gets emotional and stops her, he says he will talk to Imlie as it is issue between Imlie and him. He goes to meet Imli.

Everyone is worried why hasn’t Aditya got Imlie to the party yet and go looking for them.

Imlie reaches the party place. Aditya comes there. Imli gets happy to see him. She asks him if he got what she wants. He misunderstands and says I have always wanted what you wished for. He gives the envelope to her. She is shocked to see divorce papers signed by Aditya. Aditya tells her now you can be free from the forced marriage. Why did you have to even come in my life. He says before you leave me for your boyfriend, I will divorce you.  He leaves. Imlie remains shocked and shattered.


Imlie is heartbroken and cries badly why did her beautiful dream turn into a nightmare. Why did it end like this, there is nothing left for her now. She attempts to end her life. She stands on the edge of the cliff.


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