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Imlie 10th December 2021 Episode Written Update – Aryan’s mom asks Imli to marry Aryan

Star Plus Imlie serial 10th December 2021 Written Update

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Imli walks alone in the park and recollects Aditya calling her Imlie Aditya Tripathi and filling her hairline with sindoor. She breakdown and yells for her mother. She says what do I do now. She asks Sita Maiya how have you turned my beautiful dream into a worst nightmare.

She cries inconsolably and says I am finished now. Aryan worries for Imli and calls her junglee for going missing at this time of the late. She does not have her phone either. He wonders where she is. He gets a call from his aide that he saw a girl with red saree at the park near the cliff. Aryan rushes to Imlie.

Imli walks towards the end of the cliff to end her life. She recollects all her good moments with Aditya. Aryan sees her and runs towards her. he pulls her back. She falls on the ground. He gives her his hand and asks her to get up. She holds his hands and gets up. He says I did tell you it is not wrong to fall down but what’s wrong is that you do not get up after falling down. He says why did you need support twice today. Imli holds the divorce papers in her hand. He asks her how can you give up and be so coward. He says you life is not so cheap that you end it for someone who hurt you. Imli asks him to keep quiet. She says no one can put value on my life, but my mom. She says how my mother was abandoned by a city man and brought me up all alone while the society humiliated her.

She says how she was forced to marry to Aditya by her village men and how she stayed as a maid in her husband’s house. I have got my husband married to another woman, without knowing Malini is my half sister. But today, my own half sister is my enemy. I suffered a lot but when it became to much, I left. And today, I have got this, divorce papers. Aryan is silent and listens to her pain. She says I am Meethi’s daughter, I am Imli. She says I am never scared of troubles. He says if you are so strong, then what where you trying to do, if you didn’t try to end your life, then what were you doing. She says she has lost all hopes. She says there are two types of people I have met in the life, one who have made me cry and others who cannot see me cry.

Aryan says then why did you come to city from your village, you should have stayed there happily. You can here for you big drams, then why are you hiding and crying. He asks her why is she being weak. she says I am not weak, I am not a businessman, I am just Imlie. And today, I have given myself the permission to be weak. I cannot think or do anything at this moment. Only for some time, let me be weak and asks him to leave . She falls down. He holds her and makes her sit on a bench. He reminds her what she wrote on her first newspaper article. If you want your life to be better, don’t wait things to better. He says you cry as much as you want today, but from tomorrow morning, do not give yourself permission to cry ever again. He leaves and stays aside giving her some time. Imli cries badly looking at the divorce papers.

Aditya’s mom asks him why did he give divorce papers to Imli. She yells at him. Aditya says I didn’t give divorce papers, but she gave. He says I have just signed them. Aparan says I cannot believe it. She can never do this. Aditya says why are you asking this question, why can’t you accept that Imli is not so nice any more and I am not that bad like you think. he says Imli has got other people who care for her and she knows what’s good and bad for her. he says she wants to stay with Aryan and not me. He says she was stuck and hence I set her free and leaves. Aparna refuses to believe. She says why would Imli do this and asks divorce from Aditya. Malini says may be you all have misunderstood Imlie. She says even I have seen Aryan and Imli together. She says Aditya is right, there is something between Aryan and Imli, but if you want to remain blind, its your choice. Aparna refuses to believe it.

Aryan’s mom tells her daughter how she found a new friend and how they spoke about their bahu being just like the one she wants for Aryan. Aryan and Imli reach home. He tells her to get ready for work in time. She says I will. Aryan’s mom thinks of Imli being suitable for Aryan. Aryan’s sister says I like Imli but we do not know if they like each other. They see Aryan and Imlie together. He says we had to stay back as the meeting went on later. She says you both look deprived of sleep too. Aryans’ mom tells Imli that what I am telling you, you may find weird, but what I am thinking is your your and Aryan’s good. She asks Imli if she will marry Aryan. Imli is shocked.

Imli says I am already married. She says I cannot think about anyone else. She runs into her room. Aryan tells his mom do you even know what is going on in her life. His mom says I am sorry, I didn’t think of her, I should have.

Aditya looks at Imli and his picture in his room and destroys it in anger. He asks Imli why did you do this. She says you could leave me but not destroy me. On our wedding anniversary, you wore the weddinging saree and spent time with that man. You have blackened our relationship and now I will write down about it. He opens his laptop and writes down an article. he asks his men to publish it in the paper.


Imlie comes to meet Aditya. He sees her at the main door. She asks him why has he tarnished her image in the paper. He says if things between you and Aryan were so private, then you should have closed the door. You said, you will never come back to me, then from now the doors of this house and my life are closed for you.


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