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Imlie 10th June 2021 Written Update – Anu gets Aditya and his family arrested

Imlie 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Imlie Written Update

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Imlie on Star Plus. Aditya’s mom tells him that we have love Malini so much and cried with her too. How can you take her away from us. Aditya says Malini will always remain a good friend and a beautiful part of my life. If you would have stayed together married, then things would have become ugly.

Aditya’s aunt blames Malini. Aditya stops her and says tells his family Imlie comes to meet Aditya. He gets upset and asks his family not to say anything against Malini. He says me and Malini have mutually agreed for do not want any bitterness post divorce. He says not just Malini but I also have a reason for divorce. Everyone is shocked, His mom asks what is the reason? Aditya looks at Imli, she hints him not to say anything. Aditya says when the time is right, I will tells you all and leaves.

Imlie comes to meet Aditya. He is upset with her for always finding reasons not to tell the family about their marriage truth. She takes him out to see the family pictures. She says every morning I see this pictures, clean it and  wish for family’s happiness. She says that I am not in this picture as my aukad (status) if of the one who cleans it. She says how can your family accept a me as a bahurani. Aditya gets emotional and says he used to blame her but he understands her perspective. However, he says that they need to tell the family before they find out the truth from anyone else, and if that happens, this family will break apart.

Anu questions Malini about Kunal. She says she was upset with Aditya for his betrayal but she isn’t doing either. Malini says what do you want that I should stay in a love less marriage for all my life. Anu feels bad. Malini says sorry to her for hurting her. Anu curses Imlie and her mother for breaking her and Malini’s marriage. Malini tells Anu not to blame or hurt Imli as it is her father’s fault. Anu is not ready to spare Imlie. She calls the police.

Aditya’s leave for work. Imli gives him lunch box and asks him to join her for meeting KC. He agrees and leaves calling her Mrs. Triapthi. Anu comes home. Imli opens the door and is shocked to see Anu. Aditya’s mom tell her that after hearing about Aditya and Malini’s divorce we wanted to meet you, but we were waiting for Dev to get better. Anu says Dev’s priorities have changes, anyways I have not come alone. She says what do you think I will spare you all. Your son was behind my daughter for seven years and got bored with her just after marriage, may be next seven years he wants to spend with tis naukrani (Imlie). Bade Kaka warns her not to speak against Imlie. Anu says I spoke bad about this maid, and you are defending her; what about all the torture you all have given to my daughter. She calls the cops.

The cops blame Tripathi family for domestic harrsasment, mental torture and abuse against Malini.


Aditya and his family get jailed. Anu speaks ill with Imlie infront of Aditya. He warns her not to speak a word against her. Imlie tells Malini see your lover is suffering for you. Imlie gets angry and twists her hands. Bade Kaka asks her to leave Anu. Imlie says I will, once she understands the difference between good and bad.


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