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Imlie 11th June 2021 Written Update – Imlie gets Tripathi family out of jail

Imlie 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode Imlie on Star Plus. The cps take Tripathi family to put them behind the bars. Imli goes behind them. Aditya’s father tells Anu that she has done a wrong things and she still has time to make things rights. Sunder informs Aditya on call.

Anu asks them to blame Imli for their problems. Imli tells her that she has issues with her, then why is she targeting the family. Anu says I have no proofs against you, else would have you behind the bars too, but for now let Aditya and his family be punished. Imlie says she will get them out of here soon.

Imli goes to Anu’s house. Dev is happy to see her but she avoids him. She rushes inside the house and takes a pen drive and leave. Dev asks her what happened. She asks him to stay away from him due to her promise to his wife. She also tells him that she will not spare them to if anything happens to Aditya’s family. Dev asks her what has Anu done, but Imli leaves.

Kunal Chauhan (KC) waits for Imlie for Satyakam’s wait and wonders why she has not come as they had to take a date for Satyakam’s case hearing. He reaches her home phone but no one picks up. He then calls Malini and tells him to help him out with case hearing date in Imli’s absence. She agrees to help him.

Malini meets KC outside the court. He underestimates her knowledge about the Satyakam and his case. She gives a good brief about the case. He feels regrets his mistake and says he will use her brief for the court hearing too. He thinks that Malini is not really a crazy lady but smart too.

Aditya reaches police station. Anu tells the cops he is the real culprit and arrest him. Aditya tells the inspector that he and his family are innocent. However, Anu insists the cops to arrest him. Aditya meets his family in the hail cell. Aparna hugs him and cries. Aditya’s father says that we never imagined to see this day. Aparna says Anu is has proved today that she is a bad human being. Rupi Di tells Aditya why don’t we tell the cops that Malini is in affair with someone else and that is the reason for your divorce. Aditya says he does not want to malign Malini or his family’s image and will sort this out soon.

Imlie comes back to police station and shows Aditya the pen drive to get them out. Anu tells her that no one can help them now, She says that her best lawyers are filing a case against them and she cannot do anything. She insults Imlie and calls her bhikaran and naukrani; and gets physical too. Aditya warns Anu. She tells Imli what magic have you done on Aditya that he is so worried about you. Imli twists her arms. Aditya’s uncle asks her to leave her. Imlie says I will once she finds out difference between good and bad. She

She takes Aditya’s phone and shows the cctv footage where we see Anu hits her with tube light on her head. Everyone is shocked to see it. Imlie asks Anu to take the case back else her lawyers would be busy with either building up a fake case or fighting to get her out of a real case. The inspector reprimands Anu for filing false complaints and spares her with a warning. Aditya and his family get out.

Aparna breaks ties with Anu and asks her never to come at their house of show her face to them. She says that we wanted to stop the divorce, but now we won’t. Imlie also warns Anu that she still has the proofs against and asks her never to harm Triapthis.


Malini meets Aditya and wishes him on his birthday. She says I have no gift for you but I have two good news for you. They get much emotional. Imli to sees them together from aside. Malini says that she has got a hearing date for Satyakam’s case and their divorce hearing date has also come. She leaves with tears in her eyes.


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