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Imlie 11th September 2021 Episode Written Update – Tripathis side Malini, asks Imli to let go off Aditya

Star Plus serial Imlie 11th September 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

In today’s episode of Imlie, we see that Aparna asks Imli why did she intoxicate everyone. She blames her of doing it before and how is very much capable of doing it now. She slams her for being a woman and doing this shameful act with another woman. She asks Imli that she will have to let go of Aditya. for the sake of the family. Nani sides Imlie and asks her which woman would risk her own husband to malign her sautan. Aparna remains speechless. Nani asks her why is she now expecting Imli to do something for them when she has done nothing for her.

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Imlie blames Malini for drugging everyone with the juice. Malini pretends to be shattered and hurt and asks her how can she blame her for this. She tells Aditya that she always wanted to go as Imli has much problems with her staying here. She asks her why did he stop her. She says what face will I show to the society now. Aditya says he does not remember anything and asks Malini is she knows. Malini says she too doe snot remember anything and wrong has happened with her and cries a lot. Radha consoles her.

Bake Kaka says we have to inform Malini’s parents who matter how Anu will react. Everyone sits down in tension. Anu comes crying looking for Malini. She does her drama and shed tears and says why does her daughter have to go through so much difficulties. She is already facing the tag of being a divorcee woman and now her character will be maligned too She says there is still a scope. Their divorce is still not happened. She questions Aditya for his act and says does he still consider Malini as his wife. He is ready to support her not just for one night but as his wife all his life. Aditya says I just know one thing, Imlie is my wife.

He walks upto Imli. Imli goes to her room. Aditya goes to her. He apologies to her and says that he does not remember anything about last night and he would never do this intentionally. He says he is much hurt that today the girl he loves is unabe to look at him with her head held high. He tells her that she should know he only love her. She tells him that Malini had spiked everyone’s drink. He says I know Malini for seven years, how can she do it. Imli gets upset and questions him how can he also do such a thing. She asks him how could let this betrayal happen. She comes out.

Anu tells Meethi and Imlie that she has always been bad towards them and she blamed Meethi for everything, but today she understands what would Meethi have felt when a man betrays a woman. She says men are weak and can get carried away. She says Imli you consider Malini as your sister, please do not push her to let this divorce happen. Imli looks at Anu in shock. Aparna sides Anu and says Malini is still Aditya’s wife. Malini gets happy see the support from the family and her plan working. Aditya tells them such decisions cannot happen in a rush and leaves. Anu compels Imli let go fo Aditya for Malini’s sake. Bade Kaka says now we will be taking a decision and it is only right thing to do that Malini remains Aditya’s wife. Imlie is shocked. Meethi too. Anu and Malini and happy. Anu thanks Kaka. Bade Kaka tells Imlie you always said you want to do anything for the family, now just do this last one thing for us and leave Aditya.


Imlie breaks down in front of her mother and tells her how could Aditya betray her love. Meethi gets upset seeing Imli’s state and Malini and Anu winning in their plans. Will Meethi encourage Imli to fight back?


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