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Imlie 12 October 2021 Episode Written Update – Malini destroys Imli’s internship form again

Star Plus serial Imlie 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Imli recollects how she tore down her internship form papers. She takes tape from the admin girl and tries to stick back all the torn pieces of the the form together.

She goes to the classmate who was taking photocopies and asks him of it will work. They try and she manages to get a blank internship form. Malini talks to Anu and says how she tore the last internship form and destroyed Imli’s chance for internship. Anu says she is also making sure that Meethi is thrown out of her house soon. She assures Malini that Imli and Meethi will soon go back to Pagdandia. Meethi overhears this and says my daughter will never leave Aditya’s house and I will stay back here to support her no matter how many hardships I have to go through.

She says Imli only wanted to get close to Aditya with this internship and now she has finally understood that she will always fail. Imli comes and tells her she has figured out to get this form and got some for her too. She says if you want you can tear them too, but you would know how many trees are cut for papers. She says a teacher is supposed to help and gide a student in making their future and asks her to do the right things.Anu overhears Imli’s advise to Malini and fumes in anger. She takes out anger on Meethi and asks her to get coffees for her.

At the dinner table, Bade Kaka makes an excuse and says I am done eating. Imli says what about the ice cream I got for all. Kaka sits down and finishes his food for icecream.

Aditya asks Imli about her internship. She says she had filled the form and asks him to fill a few details about his company. Malini gets angry. Aditya’s father jokes with Imli that this man (Aditya) bosses around with everyone in the house and you will be working under him. Everyone jokes. Nishant asks if she will be serious patrakaar like Aaditya or funny one. Imli says I won’t be Boring.

Aditya is surprised by her answer. She says I mean I would be a funny since that’s how I am. Rupi asks her to take mock interview. Imli asks funny questions to all and everyone has fun. Malini pretends to puke and drops ice cream cup on Imlie’s form. Everyone worries for her. Malini goes to the bathroom. Aparna asks Imli not to be upset with Malini as she is unwell. Imli gets sad. Aditya asks her not to worry, he will directly get her appointment done for internship in his office.

Malini comes back and pretends to be sorry for destroying her form. She says suddenly I felt sick. Imli says see suddenly bhas come again. She says suddenly you wanted to have chaat, suddenly you kept puja and now this. Radha asks her why is she taunting Malini like that.

Malini says it’s fine, Imlie was just too excited. She can do internship next year.. Aditya says she doesn’t have to waste a year and will do it this year only.

Bade Kaka says tomorrow society people will come to discuss about Navratri celebrations adn asks everyone to sleep nearly. Aditya asks Imli not to worry about the form but her internship. He says goodnight to her and leaves. Malink taunts Imlie she does not know if she should says goodnight to her as she would see dreams which will only shatter like this internship. Imli says I don’t know about you but I will.wish you goodnight so that your child gets good sleep and stays healthy. She says from tomorrow onwards there will be Navratri puja and I will only pray to God that you get feelings of motherhood for your child. She leaves.

Next morning, Imli asks Bade Kaka to help her with studies. Sunder and Bade Kaka bump into each other and fall on the ground. Kaka gets neck injuries and tells in pain. Everyone gets around to check on him. Door bell ring.

Aditya goes to see and slips with the tea spread on the floor. Imli holds him and they have a moment. Malini sees and gets angry. She tells her to open the door and not waste time.


Imi takes responsibility of making goddess idol for Navratri from society people. Bade Kaka asks her not to disappoint him. Malini plans against Imli to throw her out of the house using the opportunity.







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