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Imlie 13 December 2021 Episode Written Update – Imlie signs divorce papers

Star Plus serial Imli 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Aditya is at traffic signal lost in his thoughts. The signal turns green. He blocks ways. A few men yell at him & ask him if he is lost in his wife’s thoughts. He gets into a fight with them and they bash him too.

Aryan finds Imli lost too sitting idle at her desk. He calls her in his cabin and asks to go home as she is just sitting idle & hiding from people. He asks her who can she get affected by such news (fake news shared by Aditya) & calls Aditya a bad person. Imli defends Aditya and says he has done a mistake but he is not a bad person. He says are you sure. He shows her the news of Aditya fighting with people on TV.

Imli worries and rushes to see Aditya. Aryan asks her not to. Imli asks him to make up his mind as sometime back he asked her to go home. She leaves saying she has to go.

Malini sees Aditya coming home. She rushes downstairs and tells Tripathis she has made up her mind that she will abort the child and is going to meet the doctor. Aparna gets shocked and tries to stop. Malinit tries to emotionally manipulate them that she cannot let her child be called illegitimate all the life. Tripathi’s assure to always be there for her. Rupi taunts she is looking for something more than you support, may be she should marry.

Malini tells Rupi you are taking it easy, you should be in mynplace and may be you should also think of marrying again as you are with your parents for too long. Rupi knows her drama. Aditya comes home beaten upm Everyone is tensed for him.

Aparna asks hin he has fought with Imli’s boss again. Aditya says he is busy planning his life with Imlie. Malini starts her drama and says Imli is doing right by moving on and if she can I will also move on. She talks about how she had dreamer of sommany things and they have shattered badly, and she wants her problems to end for once and all. She says she has decided not to have the child. Aditya says you and your child are my responsibility. Malini says you were not a good husband, how can you say you will be a good father.

Imlie comes home rushing and stands at the door calling for Aditya. Aditya & everyone Re shocked. Aditya says why did you come back when I told you not to. She says I have come meet you. Aryan comes in his car & says Imli come and sit in the car. Aditya gets angry and stands next to Malini and says he has decided to marry Malini again. Malini I sshocked.

He asks Imlie where are the divorce papers and asks her to sign them. He says Aryan and you both are anyways in a rush, so why delay anymore. Aparna and everyone are shocked with Aditya’s move. Aditya says sorry to Imli for everything he has done. Aryan gets the papers out of Imli’s bag. Aditya asks her to sign.

Imlie says I am sorry, you should not be. I am sorry that you were forced to marry me and take my responsibility,  I tried to protect the family and our marriage, but I failed; writing your name in Malini’s Mehndi hands, got her married to you, she slams Malini how she has become the moste wicked person and she could stop her from ruining her marriage, she says most of all I am sorry to myself for let this happen, I tried to warn you about Malini and yet failed and let Malini ruin our marrige by spending a night with you, when you were ready to send her home, I got selfless again and let her stay back for her and her child’s sake, everyone cries hearing her pain. Aryan is shocked hearing Imlie’s pain.

She says truth is you loved me but you always trusted Malini. She says truth is I am still standing out here like before. She says until now I could not cut my toes with this family, but now I won’t a come back. She signs the papers with much pain and gives it to Aditya and congratulates him for his marriage. She leaves. Tripathi fail to stop her. Malini gets happy.


Anu comes to meet Aryan and pays him big cheque. She asks him to make Imli cover Aditya and Malini’s marriage in his paper on Page 3. Aryan gives Imli the job. Imli refuses. Anu asks Aryan to think about it.















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