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Imlie 13th October 2021 Episode Written Update – Malini hides Goddess idol to fail Imli

Star Plus serial Imlie 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Radha tells Bade Kaka that everyone in the house is grown up except him that he got hurt like a child. She asks him him how could he not see what’s on the floor. Bade Kaka blames Sunder for bumping into him. Sunder says sorry.

The society committee members worry about navratri celebrations as Kaka will be unable to do it due to his neck sprain. Kaka says his family members would help him. He says Radha and Aparna will take care of decorations, Aditya says he will give helping hand too. Nishant says he has a project to work on and has not much time. Imlie comes to serve snacks to the members with while holding multiple things in her hands. Aditya praises Imli being capable of doing things alone when Rupi offers to help her.

Kaka says Imlie will take the full responsibility of the functions for 9 days. The committee members says she is too young and might have just started voting to take such big responsibility. Imlie says she is much capable. Malini taunts her that thin is not some arranging for snacks or home related work, they don’t think you have much experience. Aditya speaks in Imlie’s support that Imli might have just started voting but he trusts her so much that he takes her votes for life decisions. Malini gets upset. He says imagine what she can do when she has made her way from Pagdandia to Delhi on the basis of scholarship. he shows his trust on her. Imlie gets happy but says what does he not trust what she is saying him. Aparna is amazed seeing Aditya supporting Imli. The member agree. They tells Imli that she has to begin with getting the idols for puja in evening today. Malini thinks of this opportunity to fail Imli in everyone’s eyes.

Meethi does puja of in Anu’s temple along with her goddess. Anu demands to drink her coffee and disturbs her. Dev offers to help Meethi and gives coffee to Anu. He says Meethi was busy serving the God, so I thought to serve the devil. Anu asks Meethi how dare she does puja in her temple. She walks ahead and trips. Dev says this is God’s justice.

Imlie gets the nine idols for puja in a small tempo. Everyone gets happy, Malini taunts its just bringing the idols work now, which is not great deal. Imli says this year I thought to do something different. She calls the band tom play music. Everyone dances. Mlaini gets much jealous to see Aditya and Imli dance happily. She goes to dance with Aditya. Imlie drags her out and asks her how can she dance in pregnancy when she is unwell too. Malini refuses to hear her and says not to pretend to care for her. Aditya comes and asks what happened. Malini tries to gain his sympathy. He sides Imli saying she i saying right, you cannot dance. He gets her a chair to sit and enjoy seeing everyone dance.


Nani comes and drags Aditya for dance, he drags Imli to dance with him. Malini sulks. Later, they bring the idols to start puja. One idol of the nine goes missing. Nani claims to see nine idols. Kaka too. Imlie says there were 9 idols in the truck. She thinks while Malini sneaks inside the idol. Imlie sees and says stop.



Malini hides the idol in her room. Aparna comes and keeps knocking the door asking her to open it to give her medicines. She opens and is shocked to see something.


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