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Imlie 14 December 2020 Written Update: Aditya and Malini get engaged

Star Plus Imlie 14 December 2020 Written Episode:

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Imli is about to see her mother’s picture made by Malini and her father. Aditya’s nephew calls her out as the engagement is about to begin. Imlie sees Aditya and recollects her marriage with him. Aditya is about to make Nandini wear the ring. Imli walks away but Aditya’s father stops her and asks to stay here only.

Malini’s mom taunts that the boy’s ring is more shinier than the girl’s ring. Malini makes up says that i thought that today I am shining the brightest. Malini’s father says you are marrying a hero, you don’t need heere (diamond). Malini makes Aditya wear the ring. Everyone is happy as Imli is sad. Aditya sees her and feels awkward too. His sister asks him to make Malini wear the ring to Malini too. Imli walks away. The rings drops and goes down towards her feet. Imli picks it up and asks Sita Maiyaa what are you doing with my fate. Malini comes to her and ask for the ring. Imli smiles and tells her that your things has come to me by mistake. Malini says no worries, it has come by mistake but you can give back willingly. Aditya makes Malini wear the ring, they get engaged while everyone is happy for them.

Aditya’s uncle reads the newspaper that has a column on Imlie’s bravery of rescuing the girls. Everyone praise her to be so brave and risking her life to save the girls. Aditya’s mom tells that you are brave and stupid to go out alone. She warns her not to do this again. Imlie catches her ears and says sorry to Aditya’s mum. She says that I had left to find my father. I do not want to trouble you people more. Adiitya’s uncle says that a person who left you and your mother, why are you chasing him. Aditya’s father says that this person has no rights to call him father. Aditya’s uncle says you can think of me and Pankaj as your father. Aditya’s mom says that you are also a daughter of this house now. Imli hugs Aditya’s mom. Imlie takes blessing of Pankaj and Aditya’s uncle. Aditya sees this and worries Imlie having a strong bond with the family.

Imlie’s Nani burns the newspaper with Imli’s article. Meethi sees this and stops her and says lets see what is written. She says do you even know to read. Satyakam says I can read it. Meethi burns her hands and saves the paper. Satyakam says how Imlie has saved the girls for human trafficking. Satyaakam says that this artcile is written by Aditya which means he works at a newspaper agency, so we can find him now and make you meet your daughter. Meethi is much happy.

Aditya’s mom says Imli to take care of the house as they all are leaving for Pandita’s place to find wedding date of Aditya and Malini. They asks her not to thinks of anyone as Daku or do mistakes. They asks her to be a good host.

Malini calls Aditya that he has forgotten his camera here. He says I will come to collect it there. She says then I will see the engagement pics then. He worries if she will see his pictures from pagdandia. Malini sees the pictures and says the place is so beautiful. Her father wishes to see it. Malini gets shocked to see one picture.

Imli is cooking at the door when someone rings the door. A person comes to check meter. She forces him to come inside and be a good guest. He says he has to work. Next, she calls the NGO guys to come home and eat. Later, the vegetable vendor, dhobi, eunuch comes. They all are surprised her treating them inside the house.

Malini calls Aditya and says that I was about to see all the pictures of Pagdandia and the battery went died. He gets relieved. He wonders how much he has to lie to hide one truth. Aditya comes home. Imlie is shocked. He walks in the house, and is shocked to see the people in the house. They warn him to leave before the mad girl comes. They say Imli and start eating fast. Aditya asks her what are they doing at our dining table. They all say sorry and rush out. He yells her for going out alone in the city and now calling strangers at home. He asks her why can’t she think before doing things. Imli is in tears. He says I am already in so much trouble beacuse of you.


Aditya tells his family that Imlie cannot stay anymore with us. They have tried so much to change his mind but not now. He says that on 15th, Imli will return to her village.

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