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Imlie 14 March 2022 Update – Kundali drama, Aryan’s mom disapproves Arylie marriage

In today’s episode of Star Plus show Imlie, we will see that Gudiya expresses her anger and tells Aryan how she always wanted to marry him from their childhood and had started a Hashtag in their name. Aryan tells her childhood love cannot be taken seriously.

Imli gets happy to know Gudiya wanted to marry Aryan and gets a opportunity to get out of her fake marriage with Aryan. Imli asks Aryan’s mom to forgive her if she has hurt her. She feels bad for lying to her and wants to come out clean soon. Aryan and Imlie take Aryan’s mom blessings.

Later, Arpita comes to meet Imli in her room with a cup of tea. Aryan sees her. Arpita asks Imlie if she is happy with the marriage and asks her if Aryan has forced her to marry him for the sake of his revenge. Imlie lies to her that that she is happy. She tells Aparna how lucky she is that she and her mom love her so much. Aryan overhears it.

Later, Imlie and Aryan get into a sweet-bitter fight over AC remote. Imlie tells him how much she hates him. He asks her then why did she have to lie to his mother and sister. Imli says that she never punished Aditya’s family for his mistake then how can she punish his family for his mistake. How can she tells them that you are using me for your revenge. Aryan gets a reality check with her words.

Further, Badi Maa manipulates Aryan’s mom to get Aryan and Imlie’s Kundali’s matched. She reminds her how Arpita and her husband’s kundali weren’t match and Arpita’s life got destroyed. Aryan’s mom worries and decides to get the Kundalis matched and then approve of Arylie’s marriage. She informs Aryan and Imlie. Imlie gets happy and another chance to get out of the fake marriage. She is confident that the kundalis will not match.

Badi maa bribes the pandit not to match Aryan and Imlie’s Kundalis. Arpita gets manipulated and does not approve of Imlie and Aryan’s marriage. Aryan sees fake Pandit changing his clothes. He misses to see Badi Maa and Gudiya paying him. He thinks Imlie hired a fake Pandit.


Aryan gets 11 Pandits to match Imlie and his Kundali and get his marriage approved. Imlie, Arpita, his mom, Badi Maa and Gudiya are shocked to see so many Pandits.


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