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Imlie 14 October 2021 Episode Written Update – Malini hides the goddess idol to defame Imlie, Aditya to help

Star Plus Imlie 14th October 2021 Written Update, Imli Written Episode

Today’s Imlie episode starts with the committee members gets upset that the goddess idol is missing. Malini hides the idol and comes inside the house. She says sorry to God for stealing the idol but she cannot let Imli win every time. Imli wonders where is the murti. Malini hears her saying stop. Imli walks and talks to the driver that may be one idol is still in his truck. They go out together while Malini manages to hide herself.

Malini goes to her room and looks to hide the idol. She says sorry to Goddess and says I know you place is in the temple but I am doing all this for my husband and want Imli to lose. Aparna comes to her room to give her medicines. She knocks the door and worries when Malini takes time to open. She decides to go inside and check. Malini manages to hide the idol in time and rushes Aparna out of her room to avoid her from seeing the idol.

The driver and Imli do not find the ninth idol in the truck. The driver shows her a picture where they had brought nine idols in total. He says I will leave you now on your won, may goddess only help you. She sees a packet of mud and says may be she had. Imlie decides to make the goddess idol on her own.

The committee members think it was wrong that Kaka gave the responsibility to Imli for the navratri celebrations. They blames her for going missing in the name of finding the idol too. Radha says they are right, we should not have given Imli any responsibility. Nani asks Sunder to bring some snacks for committee members. The member says this will not help. Aditya thinks to buy some time for Imli to find out a solution to this problem. He tells the members that he was thinking to take their interview and show to the world how much efforts they put during such festivals. He gets them excited about the interview.

Imlie finishes the goddess idol (murti). The driver says he will help her dry the wet idol. Imlie goes inside the house. She finds Rupi Di in tears. Rupi makes an excuse and says she is fine. Imli insists her to say what happened.

Rupi says I was so happy some time back and I thought of Pranav. Imli asks if they celebrated Navratari together. She says Pranav loved to play the Veena. Its been so time, but I still think of him while he has moved on. Why do women not forget our love so easily, why do I still think of him and cries badly. She says I don’t want to think of him.

Imlie says my mom says we all women are forms of Goddess. We have the avatar of Chamunda goddess yet we are called maiya, hence the love within us can never end. She says we should never break, even after our hearts our broken by our men. She asks her not to cry any more and today your sister will play the Veena. She asks her to cheer up. Rupi Di says thanks to Imli and says not Malini but she deserves a sister like Imli. She says I am glad we are like sisters by heart just like soul sisters. Rupi says you have more troubles than me and asks her what about the idol. Imli remembers about her wet idol. She asks her for her dryer but is unable to explain it to Rupi. After much effort Rupi realizes she needs blow dryer.

Imli figures out how to use the dryer while Aditya ,looks for her. Imli starts the dryer and gets the cold breeze of the dryer on her an d feels nice. Aditya sees her getting her hair done with the dryer and gets lost in her playing with her hair. She sees him. He asks her what is she doing while the committee members are troubled. She talks loudly. He asks Imli what is she doing here. Bade Kaka comes and tells Aditya what are you doing here, people are waiting for the interview. Imli goes out. Aditya asks Nishant to take the interview. Imli dries the idol. The driver says those people are always angry on you, why are you doing this for them. She says I have already hurt them once, now I do not want to hurt them anymore. The driver says I hope your family will no longer be angry on you. Aditya thinks Imli must have gone in the market looking for the idol. He leaves on his bike to get Imlie and the idol for puja. Imli misses to see him.


Malini sells of the idol to a some man. Imli sees it.


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