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Imlie 15th March 2022 Update – Imlie tries to stop her engagement with Aryan

Imlie latest news – Big twists during Imlie and Aryan’s engagement next

In today’s episode of Star Plus show Imlie, we will see that Badi Maa tries to manipulate Aryan’s mother to get Gudiya and Aryan married as Aryan is ready for marriage; and Imlie and Aryan cannot get married as their Kundali’s have not matched.

Everyone gets shocked as Aryan gets 11 Pandits to get the Kundali’s match again. Aryan’s mom calls Aparna and informs her that Aryan and Imli will get engaged the next day.

Aparna tells the Tripathis that we have failed to be good in laws to Imlie but she wishes to be a good mother and wants to conduct all the rituals for Imlie as her mayka. Aditya is heartbroken and leaves hearing of Aryan and Imlie’s engagement.

Aparna comes to meet Aryan’s mom and requests her to let her conduct all the rituals for Imlie from Tripathi house as Imlie’s maika. Imli gets emotional and feels lucky to have be blessed with two mothers in her life.

Aryan asks Imlie to get ready for engagement. Imli gets ready regularly and not specially for her engagement. She tells him this is how she will look. She comes out and overhears Arptia and her mom being so happy about Aryan’s wedding with Imli. She feels bad that they have such high hopes for the marriage. Aryan tells him mom Imli won’t get dressed specially for the engagement. Imlie makes an entry. Aryan is shocked seeing her dressed in traditional attire for engagement. Arpita and his mom tease him. Aryan’s mom shows Imli the engagement ring. Imli gets an idea to stop the engagement. Gudiya gets upset and asks Badi Maa what are her plans to stop Aryan and Imli’s marriage. Badi Maa is not ready to give up soon and get Gudiya married to Aryan.

Imlie and Rathores reach Tripathi house. Aparna and everyone share emotional moments with Imlie. Aparna tells Imlie she has given so much to Tripathis and now its their turn to give her happiness as her maikewale. She frees Imlie from worrying about Aditya anymore. She asks her not to come to his rescue if he is in any trouble or drinks out of his foolishness. Bade Kaka also frees her from the burden of paying Aryan’s debt for the house. Imlie tells how can Aryan think that this family uses her and wants to keep her away from them. She gets more determined to break her fake marriage drama.

Aparna tells Aryan that this family has always taken from Imli and now she wants him to to promise her that he will give all the happiness and comfort to Imli. She asks him to swear by Imlie’s Siya Maiyaa. Imli does not want him to promise and fakes to faint. Aryan sees her and holds her in his arms. Rupi takes Imli to rest before the engagement begins.


Badi maa tricks Imli. Imli comes rushing. Badi maa throws a big stone. Imli falls and gets hurts. She falls unconscious on the ground . She puts her in a huge carton with Gudiya’s help and says now this engagement won’t happen.


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