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Imlie 15th September 2021 Episode Written Update – Imlie gets Malini arrested

Star Plus Imlie 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Aditya tells Imlie that he will get himself arrested for his wrong doings and pay the rice for it. Malini gets upset and asks her how he make their private things public. She says why don’t you think about me, people will question my character, my life will be ruined. She cries on Aparna’s shoulders and says why can’t anybody think of me. Nani sees Malini’s drama and wishes to expose her.

Imlie tells Aditya it is not about you and Malini. I have taken decision thinking about your family. Earlier, I remained quiet for the sake of this family regarding our marriage truth and now too I am thinking about this family’s reputation. She says our relationship was based on trust and now I am breaking this thread, our relationship was meant to be this much. She leaves with Meethi and Nani. Aditya is left in shock. He decides to go and stop her. Aparna tells him not to stop Imli if she has left them now, else she will be dead to him. He stops.

Imlie comes out of the house and cries. Meethi tells her not to cry and assures her Sita Maiya will make things right. They see a God’s process. Imlie and Meethi gets hope. Imli says you are right, I have to fight back against this wrong, but how. They walk past Anu’s car. Imli gets to see her saree piece hanging out of the car. She takes a hair pin and opens the car trunk and is shocked to see her saree. She realizes why was Aditya saying that he remembers being with her last night. She finds out Malini had worn her saree to manipulate Aditya who was already intoxicated because of her. She decides to make Malini pay for her crime as she has taken advantage of Aditya wrongly.

Aditya asks his mom to let him go as Imlie will never come back if she has left now. Malini asks him to listen to his family and says that we both have to compromise. We both can be together and be like before. Aditya tells her that he cannot live without Imli and he loves only her. Malini gets upset. The family hears police car siren. Aparna asks Aditya why did you call the cops. Aditya says he didn’t. Anu gets questioned. She refuses too. The cops comes inside and asks for Malini. They tells her that she is under arrest. Malini is shocked.

The cop tells that Malini has wrongly influenced Aditya to spend night with him against his will. Anu gets furious and asks who has filed a complain. Imli walks in and says she has. Malini gets upset and asks Imli what nonsense is this. The cop says we also felt weird with this complain and it looks like family matter; but an FIR has been lodged and we have to take action. Imli says if a boy can do wrong things with a girl but why can’t we think that a girl can do the same wrong. Bake Kaka and Aparna asks Imli what new drama is this and blame her. Aditya asks Imli earlier too she blamed Malini with no proof.

Imlie says she has a proof. She shows her saree and says she found it brunt in Anu’s car trunk. Malini wore this saree to manipulate you to think of me. She drugged the whole family and you. Aditya is shocked. Anu makes up an excuse that she got a saree for Malini and found out that that this maid also has the same, hence she burnt it. How could she let her daughter wear the same saree as maid. She warns to ruin Aditya, his family and her life for filing a complaint against her daughter. Aditya tells Imli thi is enough and asks her to stop it. Imli says I am trying to put a stop. She says I had decided to leave until I thought it was your and Malini’s mistake, but Malini has done wrong and asks the cops to take action. The cops take Malini while she resists her arrest. Anu goes behind her.

After they have left, Aparna asks Imli when she had decided to leave their family then why did she come and do all of this. Imlie says she had to stand up for Aditya against the wrong doing. Aditya is shocked. He gets up and takes her out. Imlie is shocked.

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Imli asks Aditya where are you taking me. Aditya says you have to take back the complain against Malini.


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