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Imlie 16th September 2021 Episode Written Update – Kunal to fight Imli’s case against Malini

Star Plus serial Imlie 16th September 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Nani tells Aparna and everyone that your all are educated and yet you do not know that if someone drugs a person and takes undue advantage of them, then it is illegal and wrong. Aparna blames Imlie for bringing troubles to the family and supports Malini. She asks Aditya to stop Imli. Aditya gets up and takes Imlie away. She says I will not go anywhere. He forcefully takes her out.

Imli stops him and asks where is he taking her. He asks her to take the complain back against Malini. Imli refuses and says Malini has done unlawful thing and has to pay for her crimes. Aditya says how can you file a case against Malini on basis of a small piece of burnt saree. He says that she will need a strong evidence against Malini. He says whatever happened it is his fault and not Malini as she too was not in her senses. He does not want to put Malini and his family through any troubles and says that her case will not stand in the court. Imlie is determined to get Malini punished. Aditya gets upset and goes back inside the house.

Malini gets bailed out of with help of Dev’s lawyer friend. He assures Anu that Imlie’s case will not stand in the court as it would be difficult for her to prove her claims.

Next morning, Nani sees the family in sad mod and asks them to celebrate as Kalini’s (Malini) black shadow has gone away form the house. Aparna reprimands her. Bade Kaka says your daughter is going to ruin our reputation. Malini comes home and hugs Aparna. She sheds tears and gains sympathy. Imlie asks her how did she get out. Anu warns Aparna that if this girl attacks my daughter again, I will not spare Aditya this time and ruing him and the entire family. Bade Kaka tells Anu we have tried to tell this girl but she is so stubborn, we do not know what does she wants.

Aditya walks upto Malini and says what happened that night was wrong and now all of this, I cannot even imagine your pain. Malini gets happy with Aditya’s support. Anu walks upto Imli and asks her to open her eyes and see how the person she is fighting the case for is not even supporting her. She says I am sure you will not even get a lawyer and ass who will fight your case. Kunal makes a shocking entry and says he will be fighting Imli’s case against Malini. He tells Anu that the law clearly states that a court will not come in between a married couple’s life if their is consent in their sexual relationship, but is someone has drugged a their spouse and thing have happened without consent, then it is a crime.

Aditya walks upto Kunal and says he knows Malini well and yet he took up this case. Kunal says I know her well and I hop she is not wrong, but if she is then it is my duty as a lawyer to get her punished. Malini tells Aditya let it be, when my own sister has blamed be wrongly what can I expect from others. She leaves with Anu.

Kunal asks the Tripathis to give their statement to fight the case. Bade Kaka demands everyone not to help him. Aditya also walks away. Kunal tells him if not for just justice, at least tell him what happened for sake of Imlie. He asks Aditya if you do not remember anything then how can you blame that Imli is wrong. Aditya says he does not know anything and leaves.

Kunal tells Imli that it will be a very difficult fight for you as Aditya is not supporting you and Anu will do everything to stop them from proving them right. Imlie says she will not give up no matter what as Malini has done a wrong thing.

Malini is in the car with Anu and tells her that she is now worried as Kunal is helping Imlie. Anu assures her that Kunal will not be able to prove anything. She says even Aditya is not supporting Imlie.


Bade Kaka informs everyone that court has sent them a notice to give their statements. They all blame Imlie. Malini worries about the court summon. Anu tells her not to owrry as she has made sure that the Triptahis do not reach court in time. Dev worries.



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