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Imlie 20th July 2021 Episode Written Update – Anu oust Pallavi from Best Bahu challenge

Star Plus Imlie 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Imlie Written Update

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Star Plus show Imlie. Imli prays to God to help her win the Best bahu competition. Pallavi gets the letter for first challenge and its is a cooking competition. All bahus have to wear their bridal dress and cook. Radha is happy that Pallavi will wear her chosen dress.

Aparna taunts Imli that she will wear the dress that she used to trap her son. Aditya overhears it. Aparna and Radha discourage Imlie. Aditya tells Imli that he will buy her a new bridal dress. Imli tells him that she a new one won’t give her the emotions that her bridal dress will give. It way have good and bad memories, but it will give her give the strength and courage.

Pallavi reaches the competition dressed in her bridal outfit. The women tells Radha they are waiting for Aparna’s bahu. The lady asks Aparna where is her naukrani, meaning bahurani. Imlie comes dressed in her simple bridal saree. Aparna asks her that she had worn it during Malini and Aditya’s wedding. She asks her if we was claiming her rights. Imli reminds her that she had given away her rights to Malini on that day. She says that today she has wore this dress only for win back her respect and win this challenge. The host asks the bahus to go to their respective cooking counters. Aditya, Nishant and Rupi Di reach the venue too. The host introduces the judges.

Anu makes an entry. The Tripathis are shocked seeing her. Aparna is sure that Anu will punish Imlie to seek her revenge but Pallavi will suffer too. She blames Imli for all the bad happenings in their family ever since she has come in their lives.

Anu announces the challenge that the bahus have to cook in 30 mins and says that they cannot cook an Indian dish. Imlie gets stressed. Pallavi asks her to copy her recipe. Imlie says she will make an pasta that she learned from Sunder. The challenge begins. Imlie sees other bahus cooking while she is confused. She thinks of an dish and uses the flour but happens to drop it. Pallavi secretly offers her flour to Imlie. Anu sees it and disqualifies Pallavi blaming her of cheating. Imli and Radha argue that she only helped. Pallavi is oust from the competition. Imli says sorry to her. Pallvi asks her to focus and make sure a Tripathi bahu wins the challenge.

Imlie manages to cook a western dish with desi twist. The judges have blind tasting and like her dish. They are about to declare her the winner. Anu sees Imlie’s dish and gets upset. She stops them for declaring the winner.


Anu criticizes the dish and says it desi dish. She asks the judges if they are desi like Imlie. She demands to disqualify the dish as it is not as per the rules.



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