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Imlie 21st July 2021 Episode Written Update – Imlie and Aditya to dance in the Best Bahu competition

Imlie 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Imlie Written Update

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Star Plus show Imlie. It would be seen that Anu stops the other judges from declaring Imli as the winner. She says that Imli has just made a roti and topped with some veggies while the round was about making western food and not Indian. She calls Imli and her food dehati (sub standard). She disqualifies Imli’s dish. Tripathis oppose her decision fail. Anu declares another bahu Preeti as the winner.

Pallavi tells the other judges that she is a professional cook and Imlie has cooked as per the rules which is similar to Preeti’s Pizza dish. She says Imli has cooked whole wheat pizza with tomato sauce and toppings. She reminds them it was blind tasting and they loved Imli’s dish. The others judges agree and declare Imli as the winner. Pallavi, Nishant, Rupi Di and Aditya get happy for Imli. Aparna remains upset.

The host announces next round where bahus have to dance with their husbands in the dance competition wound. At the dinner table, Rupi Di tells Aditya and Imlie that Aparna and Radha are facing much humiliation from the society and hence they are behind Imli too. She tells Imlie she has to win the competition at any cost. Imlie says sorry to Pallavi for getting disqualified. Aparna comes and ask her how much she would say sorry, or do the drama of becoming a hen or a frog. She slams her for lying and cheating. Pallavi clarifies to Aparna that that neither Imli or she have cheated. She shows her confidence in Imli tthat she will win the competition. Aparna leaves.

Sunder comes forward to teach dance to Aditya and Imli. Aditya struggles and gives up. Imli goes to his room to convince him. He asks her why is she even participating in this competition to prove anything. She is already best bahu; she has saved his life, Malini’s life and done so much for the family which none other bahus must have ever done, yet his family has forgotten it. She says I know you find this competition rubbish, but it matters to Aparna and she wants to win her over by winning this competition. She tells him to support her. He is not confident about his dance, She says problem with a bad student but a bad teacher and decides to teach him dance. They dance together holding hands.

Aparna and Radha pass by and see them together. Aparna says that Aditya is trapped in this girl’s influence much deeper than they thought. They see Imlie in Aditya’s arms. Aparana says she cannot allow Aditya to dance with Inli in front of the scoiety people tomorrow.


Imlie’s name gets announced for the dance competition. Aditya is in his room to get Imli’s ghungroos. Aparna locks him in the room. Anu slams Imli and Aditya for making them waits and asks to disqualify Imli.


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