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Imlie 21st March 2022 update – Aryan wins as he becomes first to put Holi colour on Imlie

Imlie latest news – Meethi gets emotional during Imlie’s Mehendi ceremony

In today’s (21.03.2022) episode of Imlie, we will see that Aryan asks Imlie if she is following him and if she has come to change too. They get into an argument. He asks her she is so smart and can see everything, then why can’t see she what’s in front of her eyes. She asks what. he says me. She looks at him. He looks away. She tells him how confused she is as when she wants to know him better, he closes his eyes and does not let her read him.

They argue. She pushes him. His back hurt. She tears his vest and sees his back with red bruises. She recollects how he saved from water thrown at her and realizes that must have hurt him. She goes to get haldi medicine for him. He stops her from caring for him. She insists and gets the haldi lep to apply on his back. They have a moment. He tells her how he has won the challenge to be the first one to apply Holi colour on by this Haldi lep. She rejects. He challenges her again. She moves away. He thinks that she will resist and stops his hands when he goes to put colour on her. He puts colour on one side of his face and walks to her. He holds her hands as she resists. He touches his coloured face to hers. They have a moments. Imli looks at him and sheds tears.

Everyone gears up for Mehendi ceremony. Nishant, Rupi and Arpita decide to lit sky lanterns with wishes written by everyone. Sunder gets to know of it. Arpita asks him about his girlfriend. He gets speechless and happy talking to her. Badi Maa makes a plan with Gudiya against Imli.

Badi Maa taunts Aparna and family for mediocre arrangements. Arpita gets upset and decides to teach her a lesson. Her mom stops her. Aryan’s mom gets happy to see Imlie dressed beautifully in blue attire and praises her. Meethi gets emotional seeing Imlie’s pre-wedding rituals. Imlie gets emotional too.


Aryan confronts Imlie over her drama for not applying Mehendi. She hows her blanks hands without mehendi as she takes out the plastic on her hands that had the mehendi on it. She blames him of going to such extent to stop this marriage.


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