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Imlie 22 July 2021 Written Update – Aparna locks Aditya in the room, Aditya and Imli lose dance competition

Star Plus Imlie 22 July 2021 Written Episode, Imli Written Update

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Imlie on Star Plus. Malini thinks about Kunal and feels bad for fighting with him. She gets back to her studies but can’t concentrate. She thinks to call him. Kunal also thinks about Malini and tries calling her. He can’t reach her. He tries the landline. Malini rushes to get the phone.

Kunal tells her that he he is sorry that he got angry with her. She also says sorry to him. He says he should not have mixed his professional and personal life, but somehow he is worried about her. She asks him that she has come this far and needs him to as she is about to get divorced. He tells her her last counselling meet is due tomorrow which Aditya and she have to attend. Malini says after tomorrow things will end. Kunal asks her is she is still unsure. She says she is sure. He says he can come with her if she wants.

Rupi Di and everyone fathers for the dance competition. Aparna and Radha stay aloof from. Anu meets them and taunts them. Aparna tells her she is already ashamed enough that so much wrong has been done with Malini and she could not so anything. She says sorry to Anu. Anu asks her to prove her claims.

The dance competition begins. Other couples perform. Malini reaches home to take Aditya for their last round of counselling. She finds from Sundar that Aditya is participating in a dance coopetition. Imli and Aditya’s turn is up next for dance. Aditya notices Imlie didn’t wear her ghungroos. Imli says they are important for her as Aparna had given her. He goes to get them from home and come back soon. He meets Malini. She tells him about their last round of counselling and as him to come. He refuses and says he has to go back to the competition as it matters a lot to Imli and they can have their session the next day. He asks Malini to stay back while he goes inside the house.

Aparna sees him going in the room and locks him from outside. She tells Radha she has no clue now what she is doing is wrong or right but she knows he cannot let more wrong happen with her family. The host asks Imlie and Aditya to come to stage. Imlie is tensed as Aditya doe snot come in time. Aditya finds himself locked. He tries to open the door. He has no phone to asks for help. He calls for Sundar and Nishant. Nishant tries calling him but gets no response. Anu demands to disqualify Imlie and Aditya.


Imli performs the dance alone. Anu comes on stage and tells her how could she think that she could win performing alone and asks her to get down. Aditya comes back. he says sorry to Imli that they lost the round.


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