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Imlie 22nd December 2021 Episode Update – Malini sulks seeing Imli happy

Star Plus serial Imlie 22nd December 2021 Episode Written Update

Today’s Imlie episode starts with Anu humiliates Imli for dressing up like Simran for the Bollywood style Mehendi party and says you should have dressed as maid as it suits you well. Imli gives it back. She tells Anu you cannot dance or look nice, yet you are dressed as Umrao Jaan.

Imlie has fun with Tripathis as they dress a famous Bollywood characters. She praises Sunder and has fun. Aditya sees her happy and taunts her what magic has Aryan done on her & how come she is having fun with Sunder. Imli gives it back to him that one does not have to necessarily cry to show how much they are hurt. She tells him you have trusted Malini over me. I have learned that one cannot dream with eyes  filled with tears and has to move on. She recollects Aryan’s motivating words. She tells Aditya next time you feel like sulking, don’t expect me to react or help as you have lost that right.

Everyone sits down for Mehendi. Malini asks her Imli to put Mehendi on her hands. Imli refuses and says she has come for reporting. Malini says you just claimed to move on and won’t you apply Mehndi on your big sister’s hands. Aryan is shocked to hear it. Imli says you are testing me, but you know that I have always excelled in all the tests. She puts 10/10 on her hands. Malini gets offended.

Anu gets furious and raises her hands on Imli. Aryan comes and stops her. He tells her that he had warned her yesterday that she cannot respect his employees as their insult is his insult. He says you have paid us a small cheque for an event, but do not own us. He says I did a big mistake but will not repeat it. Anu asks what. He says I didn’t ‘do you background check, I know that you were jailed once, so don’t forget that we are recording you 24*7 & you will have to go to jail again if you cross limits. He aka her to mind her hands & her tongue else their picture will definitely not be worthy of Page 3 news. He asks Imli to get back to work. Aryan and Imli leave together.

Radha question Aparna that she does not think that Aryna and Imlie are more than friends. Aparna says what I saw is that we should have stood for Imli, but we failed. Aryan stood for her and if Imli has a friend like Aryan, then I am happy for her.

Malini sheds tears and asks her mom, why is Imli not affected and regretting. I have snatched her husband and family, but she is happy & has their support while I am here in tears and unhappy. Anu promises to make sure to make Imlie shed tears of sorrow.


Anu insults Imli and calls her illegitimate child in front of all. Aryan is shocked. Imlie remains unaffected & gives it back to her.




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